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Help! - lost CBR key

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by titus, Jan 3, 2006.

  1. A mate of mine is in the sh!t.. he's lost the only copy of the key to his '04 CBR600RR. And of course it's got the Honda security jigger with the chip in the key, so he can't just take it to a locksmith.
    The bad news is Honda want $2,000 to replace key, barrels and computer (plus labour).
    Is there any way around this, like reprogramming the computer, or does he have to replace the whole system?

  2. Kickstart? :LOL:

    Seriosuly, don't think the insurance companies are going to like any of the alternatives unless you can literally do a direct flash of the Honda computer.
  3. Doesn't he have the little metal tag that comes with your original Honda key? With that you can buy up to a total of 2 replacement keys for the bargain price of $400 each. After that I think they crack the shits and won't copy any more for some reason.

    Otherwise as I'm aware your only option is to replace the whole PGM-FI engine management system, including keys. Probably the seat lock too I'd guess. I think he's in trouble.

    No luck starting her with a spoon?
  4. I would keep looking for the key. :)
  5. Would there be a sensible aftermarket option?

    Race starter kit or something? It'd have to be cheaper then $4k wouldn't it?
  6. He's in DEEEEP shit.
    Only hope (and it's a slim one) would be to contact Honda MPE directly.
    Friend of mine bought a 2004 Budgie or Viffer (can't remember) from Fowles/ no keys and although in the trade, there was no way to avoid the $2k of parts. Wreckers pay up to $3.5k for a statutory write-off...if it's got keys. They can flog the electronics the same afternoon for 1500bux.
    The mate was lucky to bypass the FoI stuff somehow and dig up the last owner, paying the guy $200 for the spare key.
  7. Nah, he bought it used. The previous owner didn't supply the tag (and only one key!)
    He's spent the last week tearing his house to pieces, looking for the key.
    I'm wondering if he might be able to do something through a wreckers...
    (gotta be cheaper than Honda).
    Seriously, he'd have been better off if the bike had been stolen :evil:
  8. The key fell into the toilet. If you put your hand down it you can feel it. :LOL:

  9. Well, there might be the answer *cough*
  10. Honda MPE won't play ball - they want to sell him the whole package.
    He still has the contact details of the seller, though, so maybe he can do something there.
    Thanx for the info.
  11. What about the owner manual? Sometimes the keytag number is recorded in there. Chase down the original new dealer - perhaps they recorded the keytag number in their paperwork/file? I've think I remember being told somewhere (so take this with a grain of salt) that if you supply the engine and VIN number to Honda, along with proof of ownership (eg. rego papers?) showing these numbers that they can provide the keys???
  12. Worth a try :)
  13. I know of a guy which also lost his keys to a CBR900RR with HISS security and via a dealer got the whole management system directly from Honda MPE mega cheap, because they had some left over from seting up race bikes.
    Becasue the first thing they do is rip out the standard management system.
    This could also be worth a try.............
  14. sounds like a fun DIY project... home job engine management :)