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HELP! loose front steering?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by seanske, Sep 21, 2007.

  1. Hi,
    I've got a 2001 honda nsr 150-sp / just had a major service @ 48,000 kms and i've gotten really paranoid that something is wrong with the front steering of my bike..

    it feels wobbley and not stable when i turn to the left or if i am riding straight at high speeds

    I've been told it might be the wheel bearings? can anyone assist me ? i live in blacktown ...worst case scenario ill take it to a mechanic..but does anyone know who i can go to or what i can do? i think the problem will worsen if i leave it..and im pretty much a newbie

    please advise.

  2. Wheel bearings, pinch bolts, Axle bolt or more likely head stem bearing.

    Any work performed recently on any of the above??
    Or Forks been out for a service??
  3. nah no work on those..

    to get those looked at say ..action parramatta

    is it expensive for labour? + parts

    or can some dude come with a spanner and just fix it up lol?
  4. well there is your first problem, you took it to action....
    all bolts should be retorqued, and steering bearing should have been adjusted. find a way to get the front wheel of the ground and steady the bike. with someone holding the bike firm, try and move the forks backwards and forwards/side to side (moving from the axel and looking for movement in the steering stem). if its loose, they could need retightening or replacement. get a repair manual. or you can go back to action and tell them whats wrong, i hope you kept your receipt, which should have a list of job details, and point out to them where they fcuked up.

    just to add, new stem bearings + labour, you are looking at about 400bucks. seriously download the repair manual, and see if you can get an idea of what to do
  5. done mate...

    fkin so pissed off with those kntz

    ill report back.
  6. You did check the tyre pressure, didn't you?

    Forgive me but I have had so many experienced riders overlook this and blame head bearings etc, I just HAVE to say it. Then I check it for them and they got like 8psi instead of 34 :LOL:
  7. yeh i re-did the pressure 3 times over the weekend..coz i was paranoid of that too
  8. update:

    took it to a mechanic..said nothing was wrong

    must be paranoid
  9. Sometimes after a break a bike just feels wierd cos you aint used to it no more.
  10. for my sake lets hope so
  11. update:

    took it to a 2nd mechanic..and found my steering bearings were rooted and forks were like pogo sticks

    very happy that i stayed paranoid..

    the first mechanic missed it because he was being too aggressive with the handles and didn't notice the subtle problem when turning the handles slowly..

    it was clear that when turned slowly the handles would sort've lock towards one side when touched gently..

    thanks to the guys @ budgetbikes in yagoona

    they're a nice bunch of blokes // props