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help long time riders, head checking advice

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by raiden337, Nov 6, 2007.

  1. Hey all,

    Could somone please post a quick step by step on head checking. I'm struggling.

    thanks guys
  2. Step 1: Turn head.

    Step 2: Use eyes to check.
  3. Step One:
    Turn Head.

    Step Two:
    Return head to normal position
  4. ok cool,

    Well when i do that i can't really see all that much. guess i'm just used to head checking in a cage. umm my helmet is hitting my shoulder when i head check. should i be removing my hand from the handlebar or just seeing what is next to me?

    lol i know how stupid this is but i'm just not happy with my head checking i feel like i can't cover my blind spots enough
  5. Head check's only to see what your mirrors can't. So should only need to be a quick glance to your side, definitely don't go taking your hand(s) off the bars trying to look around.
  6. do you have a short neck?
  7. generally i head check by rotating my head 50-60º and looking through the side of the visor as far as i can. anything past that is in my mirror.[/list]
  8. Put blind spot mirrors on your mirrors. I've put them on every vehicle I've ever owned. They are a godsend. Stick them on the upper-outside corner of each mirror.
  9. I'd just normally turn about 70-80 degrese and my eyes to pretty much start to see the car in my mirror. My head check might be a bit excessive though

    There has been times when head check saved me. I was about to change lanes and did a head check and found a 4x4 in my blind spot and almost merged into him.... So I always do it no matter how tired I am at doing them....
  10. I'm telling ya, blind spot mirrors are the duck's nuts.
  11. But they look soooooooooooooooooooooo crap! I'd rather turn my head.
  12. If I put them on I think my next thing I'll say is probably I cant see out my mirrors.... My mirrors are tiny compared to other bikes. The blind spot mirrors would take more than half of my mirror space....
  13. Dont need to look right behind you to do a head check, you're just looking in the area that the mirrors don't show. You don't want to be too slow with looking, it take your time looking, as the person in front of you might slam on the brakes and you'll go through them.

    Just glance as best you can and use your peripheral vision, then confirm it with mirrors and move across.
  14. Forgot to mention it's all a very fast movement to just check not a long look.
  15. yeah if you check your mirror then there isnt someone just behind you on that side, and just turn and look beside you and if thats clear then go.

    The thing is, in the car you have to turn right around because of the size of the car, when you look just to your side in the bike that covers you. The bike only extends a foot or two behind your bum
  16. I'll take function over form. Besides, they don't look that bad.

  17. get a copy of the Driver's guide, for all learners.

    1. Mirrors

    2. Indicators

    3. Shoulder Check (call it head check if you must, but a head check implies you have something wrong with your head, I know I don't when I'm riding)

    4. Merge (you should accelerate into the gap, in case there IS something screaming up into your blind spots

    5. Mirrors

    6. Cancel indicator. observe speedo / tach / LOOK UP NOW.

    I don't know about others on the forum, but I'm a mirror / shouldercheck ALL THE TIME because cage controllers in Sydney peak hour traffic should all go back to driving school or be shot.

    Give yourself as much space as you can, in front, behind and to the side - and if you find yourself being encroached upon, use noise to alert drivers of your presence, including the use of lights for idiots that cut you off, and get out of the way. Quickly.

    If you maintain a good road presence, cars will move around you, not into you. Use all the tools in your arsenal including the throttle to let them know in no uncertain terms they shouldn't even contemplate trying to f** with you.
    You don't have to be aggressive, you need to be aware, and part of that awareness is knowing those 2-ton behemoths encircling you on your way into work do not necessarily know how to pilot them
  18. Since I bought my Shark helmet, I have found I have lost some of my peripheral vision. Where I used to just be able to turn my head in the Shoei, now I have to drop my shoulder to be able to turn enough to see. I also will take my hand off the bar so I can see more clearly in some circumstances (....maybe only really to give dirty looks to cars that try to take me out :p ).
  19. guys, Thank you very much!

    Awesome tips, in depth explanation and now i feel much better about what I'm doing :S

    Thank you all HEAPS!
  20. Good on ya mate for hangin in there... see.. it wasnt such a silly question after all :wink: