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HELP! Lift needed to Phillip Island on Thursday

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' at netrider.net.au started by JKat, Sep 11, 2006.

  1. Hoping someone out there can help.

    A friend from Newcastle set off this morning to ride down for the GP and made it only as far as refueling at Richmond, where he came out to find his bike on fire!!! :shock: Needless to say that put a slight kink in the plans...

    Not prepared to give up so easily, he is flying down to Tulla early Thursday morning. Is there anyone heading down to the GP who could give give him a lift???

    Please let me know if there is any way we can get him there (and back again of course). I am also looking into whether there are buses, but if he can get a lift it would be great.

    Thanks everyone!

  2. Hey Jarrah,
    Check this page out. It has the info on buses etc going down to the island.
    We are heading down on Thursday but the car is already full.
  3. Well can he make it to Drouin by train? i'll run him over Thursday night or friday morning
  4. Thanks Flipper and Woodsy. :)

    I will contact him and see which option he wants to do. I suspect he'll go for the bus, as he didn't want to make anyone go out of their way for him. But Woodsy, that offer is really great, thanks.

    I will also wait and see a little, if I can, in case there is any spot available for him with someone from Melbourne heading down.

    Thanks again :)
  5. Few days ago I heard of a rig that could haul that wanker,you wanna get out of here,you talk to me :rofl:
    Sorry couldnt resist.Mad max reference there.Can he drive a bus?A few days ago someone posted and was looking for someone to drive a bus down and lug all their gear, so they could all ride,dont know if it all got sorted?From memory he could crash on the bus too,condolences on the bike.Try a search on the word bus and GP perhaps???
  6. Yeah I mentioned that to him... so I don't think so. :?

    Mind you, if he can fuel up his bike then come back out to find it in flames, would you trust him to drive your bus???? :LOL:

    Edit: turns out he can drive a bus!!!!
  7. :popcorn: good point
  8. Anybody???? Anybody know anybody know anybody else going....

    He's harmless really :p
  9. Woodsy...that's not very nice. The poor guy's just lost his bike and now you've offered to kick him while he's down. *shakes head in dismay*

    BTW, hope he gets a lift! Try the buses...VLine are pretty good. Might need to book though and he may have left it too late.

  10. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:

    I missed that (unusual for me!!!) hehe :p