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HELP: Kawasaki ZZR-250 won't start

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Saradiel, Dec 22, 2012.

  1. Hi guys, I'm a newbie to riding and I have stumbled upon this site to find someone who can help me with my problem.

    I have a Kawasaki ZZR-250 that was running well when I got it, but not long after I had an issue with this bike after taking it on a longer ride.

    As I was riding I noticed that the bike had lost a lot of power but it was still revving high and loud. Eventually I came to a red light and the bike came to a stop, the engine just lost idle and died. Note: There was fuel in the tank.

    It took a lot to get it started, a lot of choke and ignition. But I did and rode home with the weird symptoms from before.

    I parked it in the garage and returned to find that a lot of fuel had just dropped underneath the bike, all over the floor.

    Now the bike will not start, I got it started a few times but it will just die out after a few seconds, and the throttle still has a "lack of power" feeling.

    Could it be flooding? Or is my suspicion correct, the carburetors need a clean?

    I'm a student and I would just like to fix this myself before spending money. Also if there's anyone who can come check it out I'd be able to return the favour with some free photography and a bottle of Green Label haha, weird mix.

    Let me know what you guys think it is! Thanks.
  2. You'd give away a bottle of green label but don't want to pay for it?
    Are you sure it's fuel that dropped? Find where it starts from. Check the fuel line from the tank, make sure it's not cracked or ripped.
  3. You're right, that is a bit of a paradox, but honestly I just want to learn something and do it myself. The lines seems to be fine, do you think I should service it first and then troubleshoot? Thanks for your reply.

    The previous owner has installed a different fuel valve/tap, not sure what it is but the one on the fairing doesn't do anything anymore. Does this hint anything to anyone?
  4. If you have dropped fuel check to make sure none has made it's way into the air box and possibly into the engine oil.
    You have 2 fuel taps with the original not working?
  5. Will do, thanks! The previous owner has had a different tap installed, it has two selections and it sits underneath the fairing, it doesn't leak or anything. It's just a tap that sits between the lines from the tank to the carby. Could it be stuff blocking the carby or just a bad fuel filter? You guys will know more than me and any advice on tackling this will be greatly appreciated.
  6. Needle and seat stuck/dirty and letting it overflow the carbs float bowls (hence fuel on floor)?
  7. Sounds like this could be the issue, what should I do? Can I fix this without taking the carburetor apart? Thanks.
  8. No. Not effectively anyway. I'd put carb kits into it and clean them up but I'm sus about your fuel tap set up too.
    I'd get someone experienced to do it.
    I think it has/had a vacuum petcock which should have only allowed fuel to flow unless there was vacuum. It was probably stuffed so the previous owner put an on/off tap on it and you may have left it on.

    Is there both the original tap and an additional tap installed?
  9. The original one which sticks out of the fairing has been disconnected, the petcock is there on the tank, but the line then goes through a tap with two selections and then the fuel filter. I believe the original is completely useless. The guy just said his mechanic changed it because the original ones are "prone to failure", and I did make the mistake of leaving it on overnight, I've been taught a lesson with that, what should I do?

    by the way when this first happened, I would press the starter and it would just knock, like I heard a thump and that's all.
  10. Check the oil and air box for any signs of fuel first.

    I had a similar experience to you and ended up with a dump of fuel through the engine. You want to make sure that hasn't happened first.

    You can see if having the tap off helps it but I reckon you need the carbs dismantled and rebuilt with new o rings and seals, maybe new jets (or just a clean of existing ones) , general clean, float level reset etc. That's a remove, dismantle and rebuild job.
  11. You're right, the bike has around 40,000 kms, some would say it's not much but I think it's worth getting the carbs rebuilt. So what I'm getting from all this is that too much fuel has fouled the carbs, possibly? I will check the filter and oil and get back to you. Thanks a lot.
  12. You might have a lot of gunk in the carbs that has caused them not to seal up properly resulting in the fuel continuing to flow when it shouldn't. Add to that the gunk that might be in the jets and seals that could be on their way out and, especially given the ks on the bike and the possibility it was sitting around for a while before you bought it, it sounds like it's time to get them done.
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  13. Thanks a lot NSSherlock, I really miss my bike so I'm gonna get onto this quickly, all the best and take care!
  14. No sweat. I'd love to be wrong.
  15. I think you'll need to remove the carbs and at least remove the float bowls and clean them out. You may also need to replace the needle and seat assemblies.
    May as well get a rebuild kit and do a thorough job of it, or take them to a local workshop and get them to do it for you. You might also need to remove the tank and clean inside it as that is the likely source of the dirt. Then see if you can fit an inline filter between the tap and the fuel manifold for the carbs.
  16. Hi again, I took the carburetor out and cleaned some sludge from the bowls and also cleaned the jets as best as I could, but it doesn't look too bad. Yes there was about a tablespoon of fuel in the air box, and a fair bit came out with the engine oil. There was also sludge in the inline fuel filter which I took right off.

    I'm thinking these are basically the problems which have made the engine run poor. I'm going to put new oil, new plugs, new fuel filter, clean the air box and finally clean my tank - I think that's where all the crap started. What do you guys think? Thanks.
  17. Could be ok. A lot will depend on how well you are able to clean it and the conditions of the o rings etc.
    Plus the float bowl height.
    Try it if you like but keep an eye on it. Now you know how to pull the carbs you could save some labour costs if you decide to later get kits put through it.
    I run an enzyme fuel treatment and stabiliser called Startron that is *supposed* to help with problems like this and help prevent them. It has good reviews but haven't run it long enough yet. I think I had to get it from OS. They have a website and FB page if you want to check it out.
    Bike sounds as if it was sitting around idle for some time before you bought it. Typical situation with some used bought bikes.
  18. Hi, I flushed the tank and it came out clean, so I put some new fuel and I'm trying to start her up now. It cranks and I got a bit of fire but no real running. Any idea what it might be? The battery dies quickly so I'm going to charge it for a while. Still it's weird that it doesn't fire up when I cleaned out the carb pretty well.[DOUBLEPOST=1356677935][/DOUBLEPOST]The bike backfires as well, well the exhausts cough?
  19. Not sure on that specifically.
    What you think might be clean might have needed a good soak and blow out with compressed air along with jets maybe replaced (saves cleaning them), float bowl height reset, mixture screws adjusted, seals replaced etc.
    If you haven't already pull the plugs out and see what condition they are in. They may have fouled up.
  20. I took them out, they are pretty black and I cleaned the oil out. You can help me with this question. I took the spark plug out and still had it in the lead, are you meant to see a visible spark? I felt one once or twice but never saw sparking. I have a feeling they are the issue? Since it's just not starting haha.