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Help: Kawasaki er6n service *Pics of bike pg2*

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by tim650, Apr 16, 2008.

  1. Hi guys and girls, im new to this forum, just bought a bike, i have a 07 Er-6n and have done the first service myself as i bought the bike second hand with low kays.

    Once the bike hit 1100klms a oil light above the km/h on the digital screen came on so the bike knew it needed a change. The light im talking about again is not the main red light next to the fuel and FI lights.

    I changed the oil filter and oil yesterday and this light still comes on at turning ignition on then turns off with the red light warning light. It doesn't come on when the bike is running so there are no problems. I want it to go away as it never use to be like that before.

    Anyone have this light still turn on at ignition with the red oil light then turn off. OR does the dealer do something to the ECU, i was thinking of disconnecting the battery to re-set the ECU.

  2. It's all good mate, it's supposed to do that.
  3. Here it is anyway. I dont recall it being on before and now it doesn't go away.
  4. Go start a car or another motorcycle. That's what they do mate, you just didn't notice before.

    It turns on before you start the bike so you can visually verify that the bulb's not blown.
  5. kool thanks
  6. Are you saying the red light stays on or the symbol above the kph readout stays on?
    I think Loz is talking about the red light coming on at start up then going off again, am I correct Loz?
  7. haven't had that one on mine. the dealer did my service.
    ring your dealer but be careful what you say as there may be warranty issues if you tell them you serviced it. :?
  8. No NOT the red light, thats comes on with ignition ON and turns off when started thats normal.
    The little symbol above Kph, it also comes on and turns off once started but before it never came on to the screen. When it did i assumed it recognises it needs a oil change, did that, still there.

    I asked a local motorcycle store and they quoted $200 for something so simple, i lost my job recently so its hard to come buy money, it cost me $65 to buy the shit and i have the tools..

    thanks for the help fellas
  9. When the oil pressure light comes on during regular riding, it means you're running dangerously low on oil. Unless the Er6 has some sort of "ding! I need a scheduled service" light that comes on at the scheduled service intervals, the oil light only responds to very low oil pressure.

    You shouldn't wait for that light to come on before changing your oil, do it at the 5000 or 4000km intervals specified in the owner's handbook.
  10. If all else fails........read the manual.

    Your bike is still under warranty, even if you bought it second hand.
  11. Loz is right. The light in the photo is the oil pressure light. It doesn't go off until it gets up to pressure.

    If it came on when the bike was under warrantee (whilst the engine was running) I would be taking the bike back because it means it's using a serious amount oil. This is very serious.
  12. unfortunately i didnt get a manual, the guy didnt have it. He took a hundred off, but looks like i need it.

    I took the bike for a ride and it didnt feel like it did before up top end, it is not as loud screaming up the rev range, louder before... also i think when you back off the decelerating use to be much stronger and it feels less now, could be oil pressure and im not sure why, il have to take it to a bike shop for advice.

  13. Yeah got this, its only got workshop manuals and shows everything for servicing etc and is NOT a owners/operator manual.

    If anyone has a Er-6n and has a manual could they please look up what the oil symbol above the kph one (not red light) and what it means why it comes on or problems i may have according to the manual.

  14. When you did the oil change, did you run it for a minute or so after you set the level to fill the oil filter up, then refil to level?
    If you didn't run it for a bit afterwards, it could have filled the filter up then be a slightly low afterwards, hence the light coming on intermittently.
  15. Yeah i serviced it the smart way, warm bike up first to operating temp as it makes the oil drain better, completely dried it out, removed oil filter.
    Then replaced new oil filter tightened it up as well as oil drain bolt. Put oil in, fraction over 2 litres let it set, bike was upright and on level surface and oil level is dead centre between each line on sight glass. Started the bike again and let it warm up for few mins, gave it some revs.

    But this light came on ignition before i changed the oil anyway, so it wasnt started as my own fault but stills shows up. I disconnected the battery and still shows up. Ive seen some videos on er-6ns and there's doesnt do it. Got me worried a bit, not sure if i should ride it anymore in case im doing damage till i found out what it is.
  16. can't help with the manual. just checked mine and its actually for the er6f and they have differnet instrument clusters!
  17. Then put more oil in to level, right?
  18. It's an oil pressure light. When the key is on and the motor is not running there is power to the switch, but no oil pressure. IT SHOULD BE ON, until the engine runs.

    If it didn't come on before, it was broken. If it ever came on when the engine was running, something is definite wrong.