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Help ~~~ Kawa ZX6R ZX636 stock exhaust~~~

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by danny2012, Oct 3, 2012.

  1. Greetings Riders..
    I am new to Aussie/Melbourne. just picked up a 05 Kawa ZX6R ZX636 from a mate leaving the country, need to fix some broken plastics and get an RWC.

    Bike has an Yoshi RS-5 slip on installed, and don't have the stock exhaust anymore. I am going to the rwc next week, once I get bike back from the panel beaters. I am worried the slip on will fail the rwc, or would it not?

    Any one has the spare stock exhaust that I can borrow/rent/buy to for the rwc?
    I don't have any tools at home apart from hex keys..(the bike's tool box is missing),
    it will be awesome if I can borrow some tools for the job too,
    any instructions from someone done this before would be extremely helpful as well..

    Of course I am willing to pay for whatever you think is fair..:beer:
    pleaes give me a buzz..
    Thanks gents..

  2. Happy to give you a stock exhaust...

    cost $6.5k.... comes with the rest of a '05 636 too!!! lol
  3. empty reply...haha
  4. thanks but no thanks bro..
    paid mine for 4000 with the yoshi pipe..

    btw found a factory pipe at vic motorcycle wreckers for $250..
    might go check it out if the rwc fails.
  5. where you at? Ive got one..............
  6. really? really?
    you are awesome! I sent you a private message..hope we can sort something out..
    thanks mate!!
  7. Sorted!
    I asked the guy fixed fairings about the pipe, they happen to have a baffle for the yoshi, hammered it in, took it to another guy got the roadworthy done. it just needed to replace front brake pads :) the bike looks and sounds pretty good now..

    If anyone reading this post and wanting to do the same thing, just send me a private message, I will try hook you up, in Melbourne that is..

    thanks v much for all you guys offered help, you guys are awesome!
    ride safe & see you around :)
  8. Glad it worked out mate........

    Great bike the 636 zx6r.....ride safe (y)
  9. great work dude