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help just bled the brake

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by abvc, May 1, 2007.

  1. i bled the brake and there were v. dark liquid 1-2cm long. i'm wondering if,
    1. it is bad enough?
    2. also the brake lever travelled the same for full braking force. but give more feedback while travelling. however it takes ~1 cm of lever pulled in before i can feel any significant braking feedback and the lever feels very light. opinions? i am afraid there were air inside

    I only used a big bowl with brake fluid at the bottm. (my $3 reservoir was broken.. bit spilled on my tyre..)

  2. not a great explaination of what youre wanting, but if you do get an air bubble, it will bite you on the ass at some random point in time. get it sorted 100%
  3. i do get air bubble on the reservoir whenever i pull the lever. do you mean the bubble in the bowl?
  4. What you describe could be air in the lines. The lever will feel more spongy than before. Air in the reservoir is ok above the fluid level, however, if you are seeing bubbles when pulling on the lever, as well as some spongy feeling i would re bleed the brakes. Dont go riding around with air in the lines.

    Also if you dont prime them enough it can have the same effect on feeling.
  5. i just did another test. this time a real test ride. lever does feel light however it gives a much better gradual feedback now (it felt light when im moving/braking on foot) the gap i mentioned i think it is just like that. the brake light won't turn on on the gap... so.. well the worry was for nothing :grin:

    how long does the opened brake fluid bottle last?(recommended) i'm thinking of doing rear brake as well soon
  6. Air can significantly reduce the feel and power of brakes. It can hit really suddenly and result in less braking power of even none (lever straight to bar).
    Bleed the brakes. Make sure there is no air. Just keep pumping fluid through.
    Should be easy if u havent drained the fluid, just topping it up and bleeding should be no problem.
    Make sure u flush all the old crap out. Mixing fluid isnt good, especially if its differnt DOT rated.
    Use proper fluid what the user manual recommends.
    Make sure the resivour is topped up, or u will suck air into the system.
    One other tip that worked for me, is to tie the lever to the handlebar overnight. Resivour off.

    good luck
  7. Not being a smartar*e but I think you need to get someone that knows what they are doing to bleed the brakes for you. You might have a nice progresive lever now but when you need the brakes they will not pull you up in time.

    The best way for you to bleed the brakes is
    1 Remove the reservoir cap and top up the fluid level.
    2 Pull the lever a few times and hold it in.
    3 Open the bleeder nipple of the calliper (left one first if twin disc) until brake lever touches bars.
    4 Tighten bleeder niple and release brake lever
    5 If twin disc repeat steps 1-4 for right calliper
    6 Repeat all steps until no air is left in system and you have a solid lever.

    Note when rubber brake lines get old they expand when the brakes are used and give the same feel as air in the system.
  8. what do you mean by reservoir off? and what does tieing it would do?

    my worry is, is using bowl vs proper tube make a difference?

    ps: brake is awesome this morning... heaps better. i used castrol dot 4 :grin:
  9. yes, your brake will be fantastic until youre bubble of air gets to a critical point, where youre brakes will fail... id ask at the bike shop if youre not 100% sure, cant hurt. Sounds like you did it right, but it would be one hellova mistake if there was one...
  10. Resivour cap off, tieing the lever to bar, leaving it overnight or so, acts as to force airbubbles out of the system. Kind of back bleeding.
  11. I would like to thank this thread for reminding me to change my brake fluid. All done, feeling better.
  12. how often should you do this anyway..... i know mine hasn't been done for about 12,000Km
  13. Erm, not sure kms wise.

    If your brake fluid is a shitty, murky colour, or if the lever is coming in too close to the bar, or if the brakes are feeling noticeably "spongy" ie they engage like normal but seem to be taking extra lever travel to achieve the same power as they used to, it's time to change fluid.

    Doesn't take long, and brake fluid's cheap... Why not just do it for education's sake.
  14. yeah might do that...the lever is getting a bit close to the bar when pulled in.

    so how different is it to a car....done that enough

    need some more fluid too because the last lot got used as paint stripper :LOL:
  15. It's very similar to doing a car.

    I always leave the brake lever pulled back to the bar overnight with a cable tie or rubber band, it can help immensely.

    Some lever end brake line banjo bolts also have a bleed valve sometimes which can help too, a worthy upgrade if you go to the trouble of whacking some stainless lines on.
  16. not on the SPADA..maybe on the upgrade.

    cool might look into it this weekend.....i think ihave a spare 5 seconds at some stage.
  17. My owners manual says to change the fluid every 2 years. I change it every 12 months as it only costs $25 using Motul RBF.