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HELP! Is it my Clutch or clutch cable???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by kransky.dan, Nov 29, 2006.

  1. hey all, rode to work for the first time today all went well.
    But on my way home i was attempting to do a hill start, and the bike stalled on me. Happened a couple of times, thought to myself hmmm i must not be holding in the clutch properly.

    Got home on a flat surface rolled in on 1st gear with clutch in and the revs went all way down to 1000 then then it stalls.
    Started it up again with a rev (with the clutch in) and let it try and idle and the stalled again!!!! :shock:
    After testing a little more i found that it doesnt always do it but it idling very low and when in first the bike tries to move off, like the clutch is in the friction zone.

    Can anyone help? do u think its the cable or the clutch it self, i can still change gears fine but it wont idle in gear when the clutch it in :cry: :cry:
  2. Try increaseing your idle revs? :?:
  3. Try adjusting your clutch cable. It may have loosened a bit.
  4. Turn up your idle?

    Little nob, probably left side of the engine. Turn it... clockwise, i think. 50% sure it's that.
  5. I'm with adjusting the cable too. How much free play do you have at the lever? Adjust it so you have about 3mm of play at the tip of the lever.
    Some bikes drag the clutch a little when hot too, like old Z's.

    Regards, Andrew.
  6. Forget the idle speed, it's the clutch cable. You can adjust it right where it leaves the lever, there's a lock nut and you can then twist the cable itself around to toghten/loosen. Have a crack.
  7. thanks all will have a look and try adjusting it. It did play up in when it was hot (yesterday) possible coincidence and it is a zzr.
    Thanks for the help guys
  8. Ya, I had a ZZR. It should be very easy to adjust without any tools - just like the brake cables on a push bike. If you don't have enough available adjustment you'll have to adjust it where it clamps onto the lever at the gearbox. It'll be a good idea to check that anyway. The clamp may have become loose.

    I hope you know what I'm talking about, I'm bad at explaining things. :p
  9. hey all,
    thought u might like an update.
    It seems that when it gets warmer one of my carbies is not handling the fuel and is making it stall due to flooding, found this out by taking to mechanics to get a new chain and then it would start, he took for a ride when we finally got it started and he agreed that it could possibly be a carbie problem, it was also spitting a lot of crap out the exhaust.
    he is having a look wed, will let u all know how i go if u want?
    cheers for all the help though