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Help !!! : Insurance Selection

Discussion in 'Politics, Laws, Government & Insurance' started by wolverine_, May 18, 2010.

  1. Hi guys,

    I am a 24 yr old residing in queensland......i am looking for a comprehensive insurance for my yamaha r6.......i am currently insured with swan and pay around $1500/month......i recently got a quote from insure my ride.com for around $700 for a whole year (with 25% further off on internet)......every one else has quoted me $2000 - $ 3000/year.........it sounds too good to be true.....is this a good company???......please leave your comments and suggestions....


  2. If you call QBE they price match ;)
  3. Have you tried e-bike ? Can get an instant quote online,as with others...InsureMyRide springs to mind, as you've already mentioned.

    I insured my 2008 R1 last year for a little under $1000/yr. Today (coz I simply couldn't help myself..yeah yeah, pics to come soon) I added another bike GSX-R1000K5/6 to my existing policy...dirt cheap. Picking up my 2nd 'run-around' bike on Sunday..oh yes, Blue/White Gixer paint scheme.. knew I'd have a Gixer again after selling my K7 750 1yr ago..
    Previous driving/riding history does play a part which ties in together with age and Rating (eg 1) etc.
    Mate, shop around - as others have said, there are good deals to be had for those keen to spend a few extra minutes on the phone.
    Good luck - great bike choice too ;)
  4. :shock:

    I hope that's a typo!!!!!

    $18,000 a year for insurance! :eek::p

    I'm assuming you mean $150/month?
  5. I can assure you that IMR is a legitimate company.

    There are quite a few riders on this forum who should be able to confirm their claims experiences.
  6. haha....yeah that is a typo....1500/year......and thanks all for your response.....will get insurance by the IMR....they seem to be the cheapest
  7. then you'll call qbe n get it pricematched? :)
  8. And there are a few around here who have been quoted insane premiums to insure with IMR.
    I stuck with Swann and probably will do again in Sept after shopping around. Mid 40's and a rating 1 sometimes means nothing……. :-s