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Help in the Port Maquarrie Area

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by karl, Jun 28, 2008.

  1. Hi all,
    I am up here in Port Maquarrie in the cage with my daughter, I got a call from Queanbeyanspeedfreak who is up in Gingers creek with a dead bike. It looks like battery and he wants me to try and get him one in Port tomorrow, not likely at a bike shop. I will try supercheap auto in the morning, any other suggestions?
    Any help appreciated.

  2. There's a HUGE supercheap there - think it's on Hastings River Drive - and another one on Lake Road. My local small one here sells bike batteries so think you should be right. Other Auto shops up there as well, but guess SuperCheap best bet

    Doubt Rock Motorcycles will be open :?
  3. Supercheap could be an option, they have battery catalogues there so you can look up teh battery dimensions and post location. Then you can scrounge through their batteries on the shelves, which never seem to be in any particular order.
    Another option could be an outdoor power equipment store, somewhere that sells lawn tractors etc.
    Otherwise, it's trailer time.

    Regards, Andrew.
  4. Thanks alex and typhoon,
    I just hope its not his regulator rectifier, otherwise he will have a hard time getting the 700km home.
  5. You just can't keep off the place hey Karl even on holidays :LOL: Hope the weather is kind and just think how close you are to the Oxley without a bike :LOL: Yeah Supa Cheap is your best option mate or is there a Battery World up there?
  6. I know steve, its a tragedy, but three times this year on the bike aint bad.
  7. Is he on the Zook or Honda? Even if it is a rectifier, he might make it hom on a fresh battery on the Honda, but the Zook, with fuel injection, nope!

    Regards, Andrew.
  8. Sorry guys, just found this the s'mornin' so its probably too late now.....
    Your Supercheaps are the best bet, as stated above re locations...there is an autobarn but...... :?
    Batteryworld? YES!....but typical country town, closed but a 24 hr service number Ph#131760
    Suggest try Paul's Discount Batteries, Gordon St Ph#65849404..has an afterhours diversion...he may help on a Sunday

    Best of luck, sorry couldnt help sooner
  9. I know it's late for this reply Karl, if u can charge the battery and then check the charge rate, if it is the Regulator/rectifier, tell James to disconnect the headlight and head for home via my workshop, I am here all day so I can help him out (96755888/0427924957). Best of luck!. :)

    Tex & Bundy
  10. thanks for that karl, cheers to everyone else as well

    bike is currently locked up in a sehd up there, heading up thursday evening to pick the bike up on friday

    mongrel of a thing
  11. I have a spare bed in Port on Thursday night if you need it mate.
  12. :shock: :shock: :LOL: