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help identifying suzuki gsx250F year!

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by the.forsaken, Dec 3, 2009.

  1. hey guys :) 1st post! been browsing the forum for a week or so, got my L's last week at HART...
    anyway, been looking at bikes, in particular suzuki across's - they seem a bit cheaper/more comfy than the other 4cy bikes, have a reasonably good rep for reliability and practicality etc so might make a good 1st bike?

    I am looking at a bike that is advertised as 1996 - however on the ID plate (RHS frame, near the headset/front stem thing) lists " Queensland motorcycle spares, Suzuki OMS 250 ACROSS 1990"
    under that, "9/96" and a VIN in which the tenth character is a T (also indicating 96)

    So, this bike is probably a 90' model imported/complianced in 96 right? Is there any other way to determine the year of manufacture, as the seller insists it is a 96 model.

    thanks for the help :)
  2. Perhaps it is a '96 model and was repaired using spare parts from a '90

    If the VIN number indicates '96, its probably '96

    Also welcome to the forum :)

  3. thanks :)

    it is a little confusing... because the VIN of this bike seems different to any other across's I have seen - eg, bike I am looking at:
    10th digit = T which = 96 according to:

    however shouldnt the VIN be JS1GJ75Axxxxxxx (japanese, suzuki, motorcycle, GJ75A being the across model). however the tenth digit in most of these other bikes is an 0, which isnt even on the table in the link above!
  4. It sure does seem odd... I tried searching many places and couldn't quite find a result

    Except this:

    World region:

    Manufactured in:


    Ford <-- ???

    Are you sure the VIN plate is original? :p

    The number should be written near the steering head or something I believe, as well as the plate.. can't say the exact location but someone else may be able to help here
  5. yeah the VIN is on the steering head or right beside it on the right hand side. Been a while since i looked at it
  6. hey guys :) so, the VIN stamped on the steering colum is GJ75A-105122, as far as i know, that doesnt help because it should have a T or L in there for 96/90?! so, still kinda unknown :(

    would this kinda stuff turn you guys off a second hand bike? it seemed to go pretty well (took it for a quick test ride), clutch didnt have any 'feel' but didnt slip (could just be the cable or something)
  7. the type code GJ75A according to the information here indicates that it is a 90. Not sure what the 105122 stands for though, ill go run have a look at mine. Hope that helps (y)
  8. It could be a small importer compliance plate perhaps?

    I'd be checking with VicRoads (or whatever you local state authority is) before handing over any $.
  9. at the dealership i work at we just put the vin number into a suzuki site (dealer access only) and it tells us year, make, colour code etc. my advice is call your local suzuki dealership!
  10. thanks for the help guys... couldn't really pin down the year so decided to stay away from the bike. Ended up with a 1997 honda hornet 250 instead!! should manage to pick it up in a few days (getting RWC and stuff)

    cant wait!