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Help Identifying a Scooter...

Discussion in 'Scooters' started by suzyq, Sep 6, 2007.

  1. Ok, so Ive just bought a scoot! :shock: Well....it was cheap! Now I have no idea what type all I know is its a Honda! and its old .. its been sitting in a garage for goodness knows how long and there is no paperwork with it. So what on earth could it be? I'm pretty sure its only 50cc, and its yellow! So any ideas people??

    And without any paperwork what are my chances of getting it registered? Everything works, headlight, indicators etc, but it does need a new battery after sitting for so long. I'm not really worried if I cant get it registered cos I'll just let the kids ride it around the backyard! But I will if it is possible and not too costly!

    Sorry I can't give anymore info.. everything is written in Japanese on the bike, we think it came here via New Zealand.


  2. Haha sue, stop stealing random scooters:p

    How about a pic so we can identify it? :)
  3. Possibly Honda Lead, pics would be helpful.

    If it was complied for Oz then if roadworthy a blueslip should see it registered again.
  4. Ok, yeah i'll get pics when i acutally see it! I've got a pic but got no way of getting on here atm..

    But with a bit of searching it might be a Honda Elite?? I cant find any trace of them being imported here for sale though....
  5. Thanks auseagle, but no thats not it.. It might be an older/newer model though.
  6. Here's a pic...

    oh and its a kick start model too...
  7. Any stampings or manufacturers plates on the frame at all? How much did you pay for it?
  8. welll.. there is a VIN No 7A886G8E1101047856 but i think it is from New Zealand and another No A-AF12. I haven't been able to find any trace of either number.
  9. Lmao SuzyQ ya sure its not a deltek Rockhopper :p :LOL:
  10. It's an Elite 50 S
    50cc air-cooled single-cylinder four-stroke

    If you got the VIN and the rego #, you can find from myRTA.com the rest of the details.. You got a blue slip with it, don't ya :?:
  11. Thanks guys. Yeah I came to the same conclusion too.. Elite 50 S. :) Unfortunately Supernego it doesnt come with a blue slip and we believe its actually never been registered in Australia. It originally came from New Zealand, so it might have been registered there maybe..

    I'm actually thinking that its probably not worth registering. With a top speed on the speedo of only 60km/hr :shock: ! I live in the mountains and I can only imagine the traffic jams on the highway as the traffic is banked up behind me!! :LOL: Some interesting info tho, on one of the websites I found apparently it can get 75km/ltre at 35klms per hour! It has a 3 litre tank so that makes 225km to a tank! I have a 16ltre tank on the Hornet and I can only get about 200klms before hitting reserve! :roll: Anyway the kids can put around the backyard on it! :p
  12. Just as long as you have a BIG backyard!!!

    I have a 50cc too, and i go to work everyday with it, but i live in the city, where 30km/h is common. My 50 does 75, so when i go through the 40km zones, i can get booked and lose my license with that!!!!!
  13. LOVE THE TOPBOX! :grin: