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Help i think my electrics are gone?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by Batch, Jan 7, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, been browsing these forums for a while but never signed up as i didn't feel i had anything to add (my knowledge is somewhat limited on bikes) hehe.

    Anyway i have just run into a really strange problem on my bike. I ride a cbr 250r 1985 model. I haven't taken it out for a spin recently but the weather last night in Melbourne was so nice :D.

    Took a little while to start up which was to be expected, but after i pulled out of the garage i noticed that my indicators were not working, my rmp gauge (don't know real name for it) wasn't moving as i revved the bike. Subsequently i checked and my brake lights are not coming on either!! When i first started the bike everything was working fine.

    Now the odd thing is my lights still work, high beams etc. The light on the little dash light up when i use high beams. Another strange thing is when I'm in neutral my neutral light wont come on. However if i start the bike in first without the clutch the neutral light comes on (wont start in first without clutch obviously- just something i noticed).

    The battery is new. Little confused as this is my first bike and practically know nothing.

    I was thinking it could be a circuit or fuse or something like that has gone/blown but i have no idea how to check any of that.

    Any help or thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

    Thanks in advanced
  2. Any thoughts are helpful?

    Well before I read the post (just reading the electrical problem title), I thought to myself I bet this is a cbr..


    I can't really help though, have to wait for the bike mech gurus :grin:
  3. I can think of 2 things,
    the first and obvious one is to check your fuses.
    The second and more unusual one is to check and see if the terminals attached to your battery, particularly the earth are TIGHT.
    This happened to my Cd250U when I changed batteries.
    didn't tighten the earth terminal and it exhibited similar problems to yours.
  4. Really sounds like a fuse issue.

    Best regards

    Trevor G
  5. +1
    but remember, fuses rarely* blow for no reason.

    *fuses do have a lifespan due to corrosion etc. but if they blow, i always give the wiring a quick once-over. if it blows again, after replacing, see your local auto-electrician.
  6. how do i check the fuses?

    Sorry about the newb question really have no idea. :(
  7. Take it to a bike mech and ask him where the fuses are.
  8. They might be under the seat, or under a fairing panel. They often reside under a cover marked (this sounds really dumb but it's true) Fuses.

    You are unlikely to break anything by looking.

    If you still are not sure have a look at Super Cheap or Autobarn in their fuses section at what fuses look like, so you get some idea.

    It is not always easy to see if a fuse is blown. Most bikes seem to use ATC or ATS fuses, which from above are a clear, coloured plastic body about 3 mm wide and 12 mm long. When removed (easier with the fuse removal tool) they have a metal "leg" or tab at each end which makes the electrical contact.

    ATC fuses have "square" legs, the ATS type have pointed legs, and the fuse itself is also smaller. If you look really closely on the side you can see a coil of metal inside the plastic housing - this is the fuse. When it is "blown" it no longer connects the two tabs - there will be a hole or gap in the fuse material.

    As someone else pointed out fuses usually blow for a reason - there is some wiring defect present. You only use the correct fuse for the job - if it is 10A and it blows again you do NOT use 15A. Make this mistake and your bike could burn! However, sometimes fuses blow because they are tired and worn out or because there is some little glitch which no longer occurs.

    We blew 3 or 4 headlight fuses on our NSR150 earlier this year - there was no reason for the failure, and it stopped happening after a week or two. The fuse would blow as we changed from high to low or vice versa.


    Trevor G