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Help i need some weekday riders

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by Kyzmos, Sep 6, 2005.

  1. Hi everyone,

    Im looking for people that can go riding during the week with me :D

    Im still recovering from my spinal troubles, and im trying to build up my endurance again, so if anyone wants to go for midweek rides PM me and lets see what we can arrange.

  2. Ooh the weather is starting to be a lot better and you HAD to put this post up didn't you? :? Next time, put me in a headlock and rub my head...I'd love to be a midweek rider but duty calls *sobs*
  3. Sorry mate, but i do have to get as much riding done as possible in the next 2 months to get ready for my next bike tour :D
  4. great to hear it all going so well, and ever better to hear you are back on the bike
  5. Yeah ...... well, im ignoring the doctors and the surgeons now, i will just ride around the procedure dates... :) and rest when i die. Im just pushing on through the pain, and giving it a go, and trying to get ready for my next tour.....I definalty wont pull out of it, so i figure the more i ride, the less i will notice the pain eminating from my spine ..... :D :D :D

    Stubborn and silly......thats probably me!!!
  6. School term ends on Friday next week. Then I'll be free on weekdays for two weeks. :)
  7. Hey there Kyzmos, where do you usually ride? I have the odd Friday RDO so a rip around the hills or wherever could be on the cards :D
  8. I start school holidays on the 24th Sept. At some stage during those holidays I am planning on coming down to Melbourne to visit my son. I'd love to do a ride while I'm down there and see some of the sites that I read about here all the time.
  9. Sash, was thinking the other day that one of the turtle-shell, back-protectors WITH kidneybelt might be the go to brace the lower back.
    I could mod it to suit, do the job AND be comfortable. I'll fix, you try...until we got it right.
    Saw someone in Healesville on last Sun-ride wearing a fairly long version (Scumbag helped to position it properly), didn't see what brand it was though... try to find out tonight.
  10. Sounds great Pete, im willing to give anything a go..
  11. This has prompted me to suggest something along the lines of forming a mid-week ride group.

    I work shiftwork, and when I organise trips away, they're usually on weekends. This makes it difficult at times to organise amongst shiftworkers. Often, a mid-week ride can be organised as the days are not fixed; ie. Saturdays and Sundays only.

    Weekday rides offer a bit more flexibility, as you're not stuck to 2 particular days. Usually too, it means shorter lead times with respect to booking accomodation, as weekdays seem to be quieter at a lot of places. So, if the 4 day forecast predicts perfect riding weather, the chances of getting more starters are greater.
  12. I may have a week off shortly so I'm definately available subject to confirmation of said week.
    Generally available for a couple of hours on Mondays,Wednesdays and most Fridays (subject to TX Clinic)
  13. School holidays starts soon, I'd be interested in a mid week ride to use up one or two of the RDO's over the school holiday break.

    Oh, and glad to hear you are getting better sasha :)
  14. Hi Sasha,

    Glad To hear you're up and around ... I went through the threads and your last few months sound horrible.

    If you don't mind some mediocrity I'm free Tomorrow, Wednesday.
    And then next Wednesday, and then two weeks holidays from 19th till 30th Woo Hoo :p Problem is my paint runs in the rain so ... no rain.

  15. Be very careful of that back. Dont exactly know what you have wrong, but remember you only have one back. Just dont put yourself in a wheelchair just for the sake of riding mate, i know i wouldnt.
  16. Advice heeded blue12, i know my limitations, and wont do anything silly, all i want to do is ride and get ready for the next tour. And i figure im better off riding with other people than doing it alone right now.
  17. Hey Sasha, read Douglas Bader's story, "Reach for the Sky" by Paul Brickhill. He lost both of his legs in a plane crash, but went on to get his pilot's wings and was one of the great fighter pilots in the Battle of Britain in the 40s. Inspiring stuff.
  18. LOVE the idea - I work most weekends too, and even tho' I need to get work done during the weeks, am pretty flexible with times - especially Mon, Wed or Fri mornings. :D
  19. I would like to join the Mid-week rides group too, once I back to work, dont think I can get any weekend off anymore!

    only had less than 2 Saturday night shift off without my request in 2 years. :(

  20. I hate you all!
    damn hernia op!~ coming up next week which means september holidays are out for rides!!