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Help - I need some bikie friends

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by ShimmerBabe, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. My female alcoholic mother of two neighbor (who periodically screams at her children) thinks she can intimidate and harass me just because I was left with no choice other than o report her to the council due to her storm water downpipes gushing water everywhere and destroying my garage wall.

    I am looking for bikie friends to ride with (I have a Yamaha FZ1) and make friends with. I live on the Peninsula, Melbourne.

    Thanks all!!

  2. Do you want bikie mates to fix your neighbours plumbing, or do you have a more sinister purpose?
  3. Hi there. Well, I see it like this. I want more friends to ride with anyway and it wouldn't hurt for my neighbor (who sees everything) to see other people with bikes visiting me ;P
  4. Fair enough. Are you scared of her?
  5. :LOL: I suggest a Thurs night MR with a stop over on the street outside your house might solve all your problems :demon:
  6. I just know if I play tit-for-tat she will not stop and it will escalate. In this sense I am very cautious and she can be very scary - looks like a bag lady with frizzy hair who just loves to scream and bang things...haha.. its not funny when it happens though.

    Should just get Hells Angels to rock up outside my door.. :p
  7. Sounds like your neighbour is related to our next door but one neighbour: abusive, stalking, threatening and bike hating. I suggest an NR ride that takes in both their houses.
  8. I doubt that an Outlaw Club is the answer to your troubles.
  9. Yes the old adage you can't choose your neighbors!

    The problem is there is no simple answer to this dilemma. You don't know what its like until you experience it yourself.

    How do you cope Peanuts?
  10. A ride inside their houses!??!?! That will stir the pot :)
  11. I am quickly sensing a Netrider BBQ day ....
  12. Well... it does seem like a nice place for a BBQ. :)
  13. Simple solution, you need to break the sexual tension between you both. :p
  14. Hahaha!! Now there's an idea.

    Do many people turn up to those things? I've seen people advertising BBQ's and parties at their houses on the events page.. I am surprised people put these up on the events page open to all to come.
  15. I'm confused with how the two issues are related - pain in the ass neighbout and riding partners - can't help with the neighbour but would love ANYONE to ride with - like today I wanted to go for a ride in the afternoon but didn't know anyone who I could contact on the spur of the moment for a spin. Couldn't be stuffed just riding on my own so didn't even take out the meanie out. Anyway PM and I will send you my contact details and whenever you want to go for a ride let me know and if I can make it we're off.
  16. We tried reasoning with him (Ha! :roll: ); tried to get intervention order (yes it was that desperate); ended up with mediation "agreement" and now treat him as if he is invisible and inaudible. He has pulled his head in (only temporarily I am sure) since the cops visited him and told him we were quite at liberty to ride our bikes from our gate to the nearest access to the road (about 15 paces and not even past his house!) at walking speed. I have thought of many other ways of dealing with him but I think they would all involve a stint in gaol. :wink:
    Good luck with your neighbourhood f*ckwit. Perhaps we should send them off to a desert island somewhere. Sounds like they could be kindred spirits!
  17. Thanks Peanuts. I am ringing the court tomorrow to inquire about an Intervention Order too. The cops don't want to know about it unless it seems I have an intervention order. This neighbor also has 3 very aggressive dogs that bark a LOT.. :mad:
  18. Yes, they said the same to us. Let's know how you get on. Send me a PM if you like.....
  19. so when's the BBQ? :grin:
  20. with the police escort they get you should have all the help you need...