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Help, I look like a penguin!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by Clueless (but learning!), Sep 20, 2004.

  1. Ok, with a bike lined up to buy (yippee!), I went off looking for a jacket etc. on the weekend....and lets just say that it was NOT pretty!! :p

    The jackets were so shapless and "bouffy", I looked like a penguin with a hunchback! Maybe it was just the brand that I tried on - so I was hoping some of the chickies here can recommend some jackets etc. that I might be able to look half decent in! (not necessarily charlies' angels, but definately not a penguin pls!). :LOL:

  2. looking like a penguin isnt a problem .
    dont worry about appearance , worry about safety first.
    if you get safety then appearance thats a bonus , but safety is paramount .
    you will remeber these words if you come off one day (i hope it never happens) ask any of the people here who have played launch pad and met the road on a personal level and they will all say the same thing.
  3. While not being a chickie, I recently was involved in buying some motorcycle gear for my wife. We looked at a variety of brands, types, and materials (leather vs. cordura), and she ended up buying a cordura/kevlar combination 'Moto-dry Elite ladies' jacket. The jacket actually showed a figure, had decent armor and protection, and was not simply putting a mens jacket on a womans body. Cost was normally $245 (we got it for $200) - cost was a factor in our purchasing decision (there were some nice alpine-stars leathers for her, but we weren't ready to pay $800 for a person who will ride a dozen times per year at most). Her sister (who rides pillion with her husband) and her mother (who rides pillion with my wifes father) are each jealous because their recently acquired jackets make them look like penguins...

    The other option is custom made gear (look into underdog leathers on the netrider partner page). A bit more costly than the jacket we bought, but then again you are getting a leather jacket made specifically for you so is likely a better investment.
  4. Also remember when wet leather is very heavy & takes a long time to dry out so the Motot-dry Boz mentioned is definately worth a look! A classic line used by one of our members after a recent off was "dress for the fall not the ride!" I loved that!
  5. I went to one place and tried a few leather jackets on and I looked like the Michelan Man!! lol!!

    There are heaps of places you could try. Try Mars Leathers in the city - they have ladies jackets www.marsleathers.com.au or Blackrose Leathers in Port Melbourne www.blackroseleathers.com.au. Both will alter/make jackets to fit you anyway.

    Good luck!!

    Lids :D :D :D
  6. Boz, where can I find a motodry jacket like the one ur wife bought?
  7. The penguin look is not good for both safety and cosmetic reasons.

    If a jacket is loose, then if you go sliding down the road it will bunch-up and rip to shreds. For any jacket to do it's job properly, it's should be a tight, shapely fit to ensure that it holds it relative flatness against you as you slide.

    If your going to be riding regularly, invest in a well fitting and tight jacket. A figure hugging off-the-shelf or custom-made is well worth the investment in your own self.
  8. Mars Leathers (as previously mentioned by Lids) has them. Checkout their range online @ http://www.marsleathers.com.au/ and click on the MotoDry link in their left-hand side navigation.
  9. As said - mars leathers stocks them. Also in the city - Peter Stevens and Scooter City also stock them. We found my wifes at Peter Stevens after trying the other two places. Peter Stevens had my wifes size, but not many others, Mars and Scooter City had other sizes but not my wifes - at least not in an acceptable colour - she has a blue helmet and didn't want a red jacket. All about the same price.

    Or, if you prefer ringwood way Bike Mart stocks them. (Tried getting one from there during the netrider night, but the jackets were on backorder last I heard and should be arriving in a few weeks).
  10. Try out the Joe Rocket Ladies stuff.

    Graeat gear, nice and safe, good selection, but could be a little pricey.
  11. Bought my leathers from the Queen Vic Market. Mens & ladies sizes were available (I'm sure they still are). $470 for the set. They're just plain black but I'm really happy with them.

    Hey Clueless-If you think you look like a penguin maybe you should change your user name to Oswold Cobblepot :p
  12. Try www.valinaleather.com.au

  13. Brian at Bike Mart is a super nice guy & does discounts for netrider members!
  14. Muahaha, looking like a penguin is elegant in itself. In my old jacket, I look like Michelin man, and when I was riding, all the air went down my jacket and I looked like the big puffer fish from Nemo. :LOL: I got a motodry jacket (ladies size 1/big kids size :p) and it's a lot better fit.
  15. As opposed to how you looked last night strutting down Chapel st?? :shock: :LOL: :LOL:
  16. :LOL: you guys are all such characters! i'm looking forward to actually meeting everyone at one of the coffee nights soon!! :)
  17. Bwahaha, I was just making a fashion statement :p We are "tough" bikers after all :roll:
  18. I can recommend Mars Leathers very strongly. ANY store that I can buy stuff that fits off the rack has to be good. (I love my Mars jacket!!!)

    And yes, the people here are extremely cool.