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Help...I killed my battery

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by smiley235, May 3, 2007.

  1. I havent been able to ride the across for a few days and I thought it would be a good idea to start it and let it run for a while. I tried to start and it kept cranking but wouldn't kick over. Couple with fact that the headlights weren't helping, it eventually ran out of juice. So I tried roll starting it a number of times down my driveway and each time managed to start the engine but it would then stall within 2-3 seconds. I have no knowledge about motorbike batteries, just wandering if they can be jump started from a car battery and if not, is it hard to install a new battery yourself? Also, I built this 12V battery charger thing at tafe last year and was even considering trying to use that. Any help would be great.

  2. use the charger. only need to leave it on for half an hour or so to get enghou for a few start atempts
  3. cool, thanks for that.
  4. arhg, I've been looking for the battery and cant find it. :oops: I pulled off various bits of fairing and all I can see is engine stuff, I cant see where the wires lead back to unless what seems like taking the seat off!! And I so wanna go for a ride tonite :cry:
  5. Get someone to push start you. Get on the bike, ignition on, engage second gear, pull in the clutch, get going by being pushed, when you're rolling well, let out the clutch....vroooom vrooom. The battery will normally have enough charge to restart after about 10-15 k's even with the lights on..(unless it is stuffed or you have a regulator problem).
  6. ok, i'll try that, hope it starts.
  7. well, I can only try to start it in my driveway as either side of my rd is a hill and if it stalls down the bottom, then its gonna be stranded. I kept trying with a push in the driveway and managed to get it started, but it would barely respond to my throttle, had the engine running for about 10 seconds before it stalled. At this stage, the battery is so weak that the neutral light is barely visible and it doesn't even have enough power to release my petrol cap or even the baggage compartment. When I get time, i'm just gonna get an auto-elec to come and change the battery.

    thanks for the tips nonetheless.
  8. You can jump from a car battery, but don't do it with the car running - unless you're trying to fry something. :p

    The car battery should have more than enough juice to start your bike by itself - just check it's the same voltage (most will be 12V). Otherwise: whack it on a charger. They're quite cheap if you have to buy one.
  9. Mine is a 98 model, it's probably the same. To get to the battery, remove the seat with the key. Then remove these two allen key bolts


    Then this one on the fairing, and the other side.


    Then the entire boot should lift back on a hinge. Thats the way mine works anyway. From here you can see the battery and access it easily. Hope it helps, and you check back.

    EDIT: I ran the battery flat on mine a week ago, and a standard 12 volt car battery charger did the trick.
  10. thanks so much for the replies but guess what, I kept trying to roll start it and I finally got it goin, so just running the engine for a while to charge it up, then i'll take it for ride and see how it goes after then. Thanks all.
  11. Well done! Probably good to get some push-start practice in anyway. I've had to jump my 1000cc v-twin a few times in the last week, and let me tell you - that's a bastard to get going! Thankfully there's a fairly long slowly sloping bit of road just around the corner - I can roll her up to about 20-25km/h before dropping the clutch. ;)
  12. Cam ill buy you a charger from work Cheap that you just plug in when your not using the bike
    I have one on mine - its an automated trickle charger and the bike fires straight away!

    Keen for a ride tomorrow man?
  13. hey man, that charger sounds like a good idea. Yeh, i'll be up for a ride for sure, as long as it isn't raining heavily. i'm free all day at this point.
  14. Hi Guys, I want to recharge my battery but I have a battery charger that says it is only for 12V lead acid batteries. My battery doesnt say anything about lead acid batteries? Does anyone know if the batteries are lead acid or not just in case i ruin my battery. My bike is a cbr250r. Thanks in advance.
  15. Afaik all motorcycle batteries are lead acid, the difference is that when it vents those nasty, bubbling hydrogen gasses, they get contained in the battery.

    In other words, it's fine.