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Help, I cannot stop my bike.

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by hissy, Nov 10, 2008.

  1. Hello I hope someone can help.

    I ride a Honda CB250, don't hold that against me. Around town its a dream, light and cheap on fuel and a good bike to learn on.

    Problem is on the Highway. When I travel 80 kph or more the clutch lever becomes rock hard and I cannot disengage the clutch.

    To fix problem i turn ignition off and coast to a stop.
    Rock bike back and forth until i can find neutral.
    Once gear is in neutral i restart the bike and pull in clutch lever.
    After a few squeezes of the clutch lever all is fine. The problem goes away.
    Then I can commute again and all is fine until i reach 80kph again.

    Did a big ride Sunday morning up the Putty road to Garland Valley, most of the time without a clutch. Not sure if this is a safe thing to do, I don't like not being able to not choose neutral when i like.

    Has anyone experienced this fault before or can advise me what to look for. Changed oil last week.
  2. Is it a hydraulic clutch (I think not). If it is, then change the fluid.

    If it's cable operated, make sure there is a little slack in the cable. also lube the cable

    also double check the oil speck for these bikes against what you put in.

    It is an odd problem.
  3. If it's a cable operated clutch check it's not crimped somewhere.
  4. It is a cable clutch

    It is a cable clutch.

    No I think the cable is fine as it works fine until i ride over 80kph.

    I can spend weeks commuting in traffic with no problem. Go for a ride on the weekend and open up the throttle and it just goes hard and cannot be released.

    I think it is something internal??

  5. As it is cable operated, and the cable is fine as you say, then it must be internal.

    Therefore, something must be binding up on the clutch push rod (I think the CB uses a central push rod?), or something like that, which is very bad. Could be the thrust bearing is dry, or just the push rod itself. I don't really know the motor.

    However, if it is anything like that, you need to get it fixed properly before you have a major internal failure which could damage more components than are currently involved in the problem.

    Don't let it go on too much longer before it is fixed.
  6. Sounds like you need a mechanic to check this out ASAP, if there is something broken you don't want it locking up your Back wheel at +80KPH, besides the fact that a loose bolt or broken spring etc. can do some major internal damage.
  7. It might just be the speed limiter kicking in.
  8. the motorcycling gods are trying to make sure you don't speed :LOL:.
  9. Remove the actuating mechanism, and clean it. This will probably involve removing the front sprocket cover. Clean everything thouroughly.
  10. Well its off to the shop today. So I hope by this afternoon I will know what is wrong with the CB. I will let you know for future reference.

    Keep both wheels on the ground.
  11. Hey there fellow cb250 rider.

    Don't be too hard on the little beast - sure it's cheap, slow and ugly but so's my younger brother and he's not completely without charm!

    Report back when they've got it fixed huh?
  12. Does anyone know what the "Clutch Hub Nut" is.

    This looks to be the problem. It is a nut that needs 110 Nm of troque and hold the clutch basket on.

    Looks like a previous owner has had this off then tried to put it back on and stuffed it.
    Not on enough so it will not work properly. Looks like they made a real mess of it.

    Probably going to cost over $300 to fix if they can source the part.
    Waiting on availability in the country.
  13. Yeah, it's a bloody big nut, that holds the Clutch Basket in position.

    Do not ride that motorcycle until it has been properly repaired.
    Danger of death or serious injury.