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HELP! I broke something!

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by RiderKK, Feb 19, 2012.

  1. I own a VTR250 and whilst trying to drain the oil I've broken a piece off where the oil sits.

    What actually happened was, as i was trying to undo the bolt to drain the oil the spanner slipped as the bolt gave way, and knocked one of the little "brackets" which i assume is there protect the bolt.
    As the bracket broke it has taken out a bit of the oil housing with it, so there will be a permanent leak of oil I believe.

    Is the option of fixing this, paying for a trailer and taking it to Peter Stevens in the City to weld the piece back into place?

    Thanks in advance for any advice. (I'm Having a minor freakout)
  2. It would help if you could post a picture, but it DOES sound as if you have done something that someone will want money to fix :(
  3. i would imagine you could use that epoxy putty stuff if you were so inclined. have heard of many people using it to save cracked engine cases
  4. As Hornet suggested, a pic will help.
    There is a flat surface where the head of the bolt closes on with a fibre washer or o ring between the two mating surfaces. Unless the flat surface is damaged the drain plug should still seal. It sounds as if you have damaged either a cooling fin or part of the casing but unless you have cracked right through the casing, which i would doubt if it was only the spanner slipping off, you might just be a bit of metal lighter and no other damage.
    Good luck.
  5. Epoxy putty? Ill have to look into that.

    Heres a photo of the damage.

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  6. Im afraid its definitely a case of looking far worse than it sounds.
  7. Heres another photo.
    Doesnt get any better.... Sorry about the photo quality

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  8. hmm putty metal, maybe. take the whole thing off and get it welded or go to findapart and get a new 2 u replacement.
  9. that looks like it's been hit with a grinder and had putty to close the hole.
    that's not a 'smacked with a spanner' shaped hole
  10. Don't muck around with dodgy fixes.

    Buy a new oil pan, it's not a hard job to swap them.

    (I've over tightened my sump plug before and damaged the pan :) )
  11. Agreed. Ill just go buy a new oil pan.

  12. ring vic motorcycle wreckers 03 94571733 see if they have one, if you buy new, it'll cost shit loads more..
  13. Also.. it looks like the flange on the oil filter cover is cracked so the sump has had a heavy hit at some time. Replacing the sump is best option. Wreckers might have one in reasonable condition.


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  14. :-s Is that wot that is..........I was lookin' for the mower cord thingie...8-[
  15. +1 on this.
    That isn't a recent clean fracture. There had been damage there before.
    Replace it (preferably) or, at least, have it removed and welded up.
    Edit: just saw the other damage, forget welding, replace it.
  16. Thanks for pointing out the other damage.
    Seems this bike is beginning to show its age, Should have checked for cracks when I bought it!
  17. Looks like you missed it "by that much"
  18. Having had a look at the pics, I do believe you are correct.

    In fact, I believe the permanent leak of oil may be quite significant. Probably best not to park it in the house from now on.
  19. pfft, my sump has the tabs missing on half the sump (long ones at each corner, as if to hold it on a dirtbike style stand) and the oil filter has half the cover missing... its an 13yr old bike, its bound to have damage, and tis is in the prime location for it.

    but no hole....
  20. ^^ +1.
    Looks like the exact same pan as the Spada - I always wondered what they looked like with all the fins and a complete ring around the filter...