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Help Hyosung won't start :-(

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by matti-san, Apr 18, 2006.

  1. Hi all, hope someone out there can help my bike out.

    Rode the bike on Sunday no problems at all, yesterday I decided to try and remove the rear fairing as the lock on the boot seems stuffed and thought I could sneak in that way to open it. Wrong can't get fairing off unless boot open!

    Anyway decided to clean bike and the bike now won't start. Seems to me that it is either starved of fuel or no spark.

    The GT250 from what I have been told does not have a fuel switch. The only things I can think of are:

    1: When I sprayed the wheels with a hose some water got in somewhere?

    2: I pulled some wire loose when I was rooting around under the fairing trying to get it off?

    Help any suggestions I had to catch the train this morning and am very sad :(
  2. Doesn't the Hyosung have a cutout if the stand is down? if so you may have done something to the wire that identifies that when your were stuffing with the fairing.
  3. I can start mine with the stand down, but not whist in gear.
  4. Thanks everyone, SenNey is correct.

    So doesn't look like this one is the answer. Might give Hyosung a quick call!
  5. quick update spoke to Hysoung, very helpful!

    Suggested it may be a loose battery connection or similair. So will try to roll start this arvo hope this works :(
  6. This happened to me a few weeks ago after a small topple. Bike went completely dead.

    Turned out one of the fuses under the pillion seat had come out. Easy to push back in and if its blown theres a replacement.
  7. Well put this one down to I have no idea! :?

    I got home rolled started the bike down the driveway, went for a spin around the block [OK it was to Rosebud and back :grin: ] and pulled up at home.

    Stopped the bike, pressed the starter and fired up. Now no worries fires up first time everytime like it used to.
  8. could have been some water in the carbies... on the battery terminals something like that...

    glad to hear its back to normal. :woot:
  9. Goot to hear your back on the road
  10. yeah i think it was water in the carbs
    as my freind had the same problem and after a day of nothing and then a kick start it fired back up and now is all good
    but he did use a high pressure hose..
    which he promtly never used again to wash the bike :LOL: :LOL:
  11. The most likely culprit for this after washing a bike, is water in the plug recesses.

    Sometimes mine will run on 3 cylinders for a while after I wash it or after heavy rain. Once it warms up the water evaperates and it's right then.

    Washing your bike won't get water in the float bowl at first start up.

    Even if some does get in through the fuel cap, it will only be in the bottom of the tank. So not only will it not be in the float bowls (which is the fuel that gets used at start up) it will probably be below the reserve line.

    So it won't be a problem untill after you turn the reserve tap on.

    If you can get to the plug recesses, use a rag to get as much water out as possible, then spray a bit of WD40 around.
  12. Hey yeah I was considering the plugs as well but didnt state it...

    especially with the force of a pressure washer water could definately get to the plugs but still if you leave it to evaporate it should be fine... which leads me to believe if this went on for a while in fine/hot weather something else is a-miss