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Help!!! How to sell my bike

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by cleric, Aug 30, 2011.

  1. Hey guys,

    Am looking to sell my bike but not sure how I should price it. Looking on sites and most are dealers selling and they are stating Ride Away prices.

    1) What do they include?
    2) Should I get roadworthy?
    3) Do I need to organise transfers?
    4) How do you compete with dealers when they also give free roadside assistance, etc?

    Am also quite nervous about letting someone take for test ride...


    My bike seriously has about 200kms...barely rode it.

  2. 1) What do they include? The dealer rideaway price will just include the bike and up to 6 months rego.. usually nothing else of value.
    2) Should I get roadworthy? In some states its a legal requirement you get a roadworthy and in any state its probably worth it to help you sell the bike. However if its only 200kms old you probably don't need to bother as its brand new.
    3) Do I need to organise transfers? Generally either you or the buyer get the required documents from your transport authority, fill in the seller's section and sign once you have been paid, then the buyer takes the documents to the transport authority office and completes the transfer.
    4) How do you compete with dealers when they also give free roadside assistance, etc? Dealers don't generally offer much of value.. but they are convenient, so you just compete by asking a lower price..
  3. advertise on this site, how old is the bike? what brand,size, condition? rego? service history all this will be asked so have answers ready!! Post pics, insurance cover other riders? if not, They'd better be leaving alot of deposit before they ride off on the bike!!
  4. Hi Lisa,
    You probably want to compare your bike with other *private* sellers, not dealers, as they're in the same boat as you. Dealers normally get to charge a little bit higher prices on used bikes, but their prices usually have to include transfer duty, rego, stamp duty, etc -- ie. total cost. Whereas when selling as a private seller, you just collect cash from the buyer, and then they are responsible for paying all those extra charges to the relevant authorities.

    If you're in Victoria, you will need to get a Roadworthy Certificate in order to sell the bike. However these certificates usually cost $80 or so, and expire in 28 days. As a result it is normal for a seller to only go and get it once they have collected a deposit from a buyer.

    I would be nervous about letting someone take a bike for a test ride too - you can refuse to do so, or you can demand they provide a large deposit or something, if you like. However doing these things may (or may not) hurt your chances of making a sale. If your bike is likely to attract learner riders, then I would not let them take it for a ride! However if you're getting experienced riders, it's a bit safer.

    Places to sell are bikesales.com.au, ebay.com.au, gumtree.com.au, but most definitely - netrider.net.au! (See the classifieds section)

    Don't forget to take good photos!
  5. It seems odd to have to get a RWC on a bike that ha only done 200 kms. Presumably it is also newly registered. I thought that in NSW (at least) you only needed a RWC if the bike was unregistered or was from interstate. The issue of test rides is tricky. If it was my bike and nearly brand new I would expect potential buyers to have ridden an example at a dealer. I would explain that I couldn't risk a test ride on such a new bike.
  6. If your vehicle is second hand, in order to transfer the registration from one person to another, the vehicle must have a valid RWC which you take to Vicroads with your transfer papers.

    - Usually (but certainly not always) the seller of the vehicle will provide a RWC. They are valid for 28 days and any large mechanic should be able to provide one. From memory, about $66 - $88 depending where you go + parts if required

    - Usually the buyer will take the transfer papers and RWC to Vicroads to transfer the vehicle in to their name (at which point they will also pay stamp duty & a transfer fee)

    - Both the buyer & seller will need to complete sections of the transfer papers

    See more - http://www.vicroads.vic.gov.au/Home/Registration/BuySellTransferVehicles/
  7. I would not be letting any potential buyers ride a near new bike that had only done 200 kms. They should visit a dealer for a test ride on a demo model and then you can undercut any offer made by the dealer.
  8. As far as Vicroads go it is a second hand bike, even with only 200kms on it. That means RWC and Stamp Duty. Pricks.

    edit - Should clarify that the stamp duty is the buyers problem... not the sellers. Was just having a crack at Vicroads.
  9. So you have to go to a fat mechanic?
  10. wow thanks so much guys. Was going to wait til the weather got a little warmer before advertising. So will def come back here for that, and prob on Trading Post...apparently theyve got a deal for if you dont sell in 4 weeks money back...

    FYI its a XVS650a Classic, Black 2008, with crash bars...
  11. FWIW, RWC in Vic are now around $150 as of July 1st.. You can get it cheaper but I doubt you'll find anything less than 100-120... new requirements = new price
  12. *cough*

  13. Ah, cr*p, I had no idea.
    What *are* the new requirements?
  14. New requirements are purely admin stuff. Taking and storing photo's is the main one. Each vehicle now has to have a min of 4 photos showing odo, vin plate, a photo of the vehicle at the testing premises and ? Still trying to work out what 4th is. For a cage if mechanic takes wheels off and cage is on the hoist a photo must be taken of that.

    Photos must be kept for 7 years and produced on demand from vicroads
  15. Ah, right. Lame :(
    So it's just to make sure the testers actually had the bike in to be tested..

    I was worried for a moment before that you meant the mechanical requirements had changed..
  16. Yup. I wouldn't trust a skinny one
  17. Got my VFR done on the 7th July at Gassit in Fairfield for $90.
  18. What a load of crap, I had Mick Hone do one last week for $70