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HELP: How to clean the fuel tank?

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Saradiel, Dec 26, 2012.

  1. Hi I have a ZZR-250 which had a problem with dirty fuel clogging up the carb. I'm wondering what's an easy way to clean the tank, without removing too much stuff like the petrock etc. I think the tank is where all the muck is coming from, so I just want to fill it up and start the bike after servicing it. Thanks.

  2. I dunno about your bike specifically, but generally it's pretty easy to take a tank off, remove the pump and have a look.
  3. Yeah I know, I saw some surface rust there and I don't wanna start the bike without cleaning it first, then fresh fuel. Any idea on how to clean the inside of a tank?
  4. clean with petrol

    wait what...
  5. You'll need to remove the fuel tap at least. You could try flushing it with petrol or kero, if it is dirt that may be enough. But if it's rust you'd need to remove the tank and use something like rust converter to sort it out. I think there is a kit that you can get to clean and seal a rusty tank.
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  6. Thanks very much for your reply, I'll give it a go.
  7. If its really rusty inside(Flaking off or so),
    1) get a whole bunch of stones/nuts. put them in the tank and swish them around for a while. This will basically sand out the lining of the tank
    2) Rinse out all the gunk with kero/petrol. maybe a few times.
    3) run a rank sealer through it.
    4) install a good quality inline fuel filter
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  8. Thanks boss, good idea right there.
  9. Why would you remove the petrock from his humble home?! :cheeky:
  10. If you need a hand, just shoot me a PM. I'm also in Melbourne
  11. Thanks, I was just doing all this because my bike stopped running (previous post) so I've serviced it, just need to put some fresh fuel in and see how she runs, I'll let you know, also I put a post up here about free photography, so if you wanna do a shoot with your bike let me know, cheers!