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Help! How do I remove the pillion seat from the virago????

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' started by I Adore Vic, Apr 16, 2007.

  1. Yikes! Does anyone here know how to remove a pillion seat from an xv250? I've gotta get my saddlebags off (they go under the pillion seat) because I sold them to Caz but I can't get the damn seat off. :LOL:

    Does teh seat slide/twist on/off or do I need to undo the bolt (which the grab rail's attached to). If it's the latter I'm sure gonna have fun trying to get it off cos it's stuck hard!

    Help appreciated! Caz might even buy you a drink for your efforts! :wink: :p
  2. Not sure, but I think you do need to undo that bolt, and remove the riders seat????

    Rip the riders seat off first, see if that will let the pillion seat slide forward and off.

    Maybe Kezza could have a quick look at her's?

  3. Thanks Iffracem. I've taken the riders seat off but am having one hell of a time trying to undo the bolt for the pillion seat. It will not budge.
  4. Umm... :oops: what way should I be undoing the bolt? Clockwise or anti-clockwise. :oops: :LOL:
  5. WD40??

    anything in the owners manual about it??

    have yout tryied jerking the spanner rather than constant pressure?

    if you really tug on it hard in a sudden jolt it oftem works.......assuming you haven't already tried this.

    and make sure your pulling the right direction (not meaning to sound upity :oops: ) I've seen experienced mechanics do this for ages before realizing.
  6. Already done.

    Nope. Just how to remove the rider's seat.

    Will try again.

    Will try - but I'm worried I'll push the bike over :LOL:

    :rofl: see above question. :oops:
  7. Oxy torch?? :LOL:
  8. usually counter-clockwise to undo a screw/bolt.

    if that doesn't work, try the brute force and ignorance way :p
  9. Still trying with no luck getting that bolt - or the other two - undone. :( I learnt one thing though - swearing at it does not help!
  10. Oh yes it does :grin:

    Rosie what type of spaner are you using?
    if you 100% sure its the rite bolt and your turning it the rite way you can use a lever on it or give it a wack with a hamer.
  11. It's the proper sized spanner and I can get it on the bolt alright, but when I turn it or try to turn it, the spanner moves but the bolt doesn't (and I'm worried it'll round out the bolt head!) :?
  12. ??? Ok so the spaner is rotating??
    i'm guessing that the bolt is rotating as well but not coming undone can you check for me?

    I actualy meant what sort of spaner, ring, open end, socket, etc
  13. If you've "rounded" the corners of the bolt head...you've got trouble and it's time for a big pair of Multi grips and a strong arm.

    However if the whole thing is turning you may have to use a spanner on the nut on the other side??
  14. Use a ring spanner or preferably a socket and wrench. :)
  15. Oh! It's an open end spanner and no, the bolt isn't moving at all. the spanner is moving/bending though - and it wants to shave the straight edges off the bolt - if that makes sense.
  16. +1

    Open ended spanners aren't advised for "tough nuts"

    And it sure sounds like you've got a "tough nut to crack" :LOL:
  17. I don't have a ring spanner this size...and at the risk of sounding like a complete doofus - what does a socket and wrench look like?

    edit - might go buy a ring spanner. :grin:
  18. Yep, cheap open ended spaner.

    You need a ring spanner or a socket.
  19. Ring spaner


    Socket and socket wrench

  20. socket is a metal tube with hexagon shaped inside to go over the nut, comes in lots of sizes

    whench is the detachable handle you use to turn the socket. can also be ratcheted to enable use in only one direction........

    if your using one of these the wrogn way round it with turn around and round and round and get you nowhere....

    ok.... picture says a thousand words :LOL: