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Help! Hornet making knocking noise!

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by suzyq, Feb 12, 2008.

  1. Loud knocking noise only when she is warmed up. Seems to get worse as she gets warmer. Only happens when she is in gear, not idling. So we've ruled out the cam chain tensioner. She's done about 33,000ks and we've just changed the chain and sprockets thinking that might have been the source of the knocking but no.. Yes the chain is adjusted and the sprockets are tight. So ideas anyone??

  2. Clutch basket damper springs or rivets?
  3. In gear and riding, or just when you are sitting, stopped, but in gear?

    Trevor G
  4. the old bugger is trying to crack another bad joke! :shock:
    bout time we sent him off to the retirement home i think :p :LOL:
  5. Suzy does the noise get less or go away when you pull the clutch in ??
  6. hi bob, it goes away when the clutch is in i think.
  7. Its ya clutch basket i bet !! from sitting too long , maybe a couple of plates partialy stuck .
  8. The best treatment is to get on and give it a good run , or firstly maybe do an oil change
  9. thanks bob :)
  10. Sue does ya clutch feel different at all IE: sudden or grabby ?
  11. And how loud is loud?

    a certain amount of noise, or a low rumble is expected and allowable. But if it's something that's clearly audible, then more checking required.
  12. Clutch throw-out bearing?
  13. Thanks guys, crisis over stop looking!! :grin:

    It turns out there is nothing wrong after all.. we had it up on the race stand when it was making the knocking noise, but once i got the wheels on the ground and took it for a ride.. no noise at all... well, no knocking noise anyway!.. so we figured it was just cos there was no load on the rear wheel. :grin: