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HELP!!! Honda VTR250 vs. HORNET 250 (GB 250 Clubman!?)

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by daninjapan, Jul 20, 2008.

  1. Hi! Yes, i am a Newbie.. to bikes AND this forum... have a million and one questions, so will try to keep it simple.

    Wanted a SR400 for years, learnt that 250s' here in Japan cost f/a so decided on a Clubman (Honda GB 250), but following limited advice in English (they seem to be a domestic bike) led me to this site where i learnt about Hondas' VTR... seems like the perfect bike in every way, looks cool, runs well, good for beginners, and new about 1/2 the price they are back home in aus. (sorry guys!)(smell conspiracy?) etc, etc.... yeah, i'm sold!!! Further research & found Hondas' HORNET... "KOMATA KOMATA" (now I've got worry)... far cry from a GB, looks o.k., but FLIES! O.K. O.K. I'll get to the point, has anyone out there had experience with both HORNET & VTR? what's the verdict? will i get sick of either too soon?

    yeah, anyway, any advice would be greatly appreciated...

    time for another sake. not driving/riding anywhere tonight!!!!
  2. Welcome to Netrider :)

    Both bikes are very popular here in Australia, with lots of loyal riders. The VTR 250 is an 'official' bike here, that is, it is brought in and sold and suported officially by Honda. The 250 Hornet has never been an 'official' bike here, but is imported in big numbers from Japan and sold through unofficial dealers.

    I have a 600 Hornet, but I'm sure heaps of Aussie VTR and 250 Hornet owners will answer your questions and give you opinions.
  3. I have not ridden a VTR250. They are, as Paul stated, the 'official' and one of the most popular choices for 250 riders.
    However ... I could not pass up the looks, performance, rideability of the 250 Hornet. The high under seat exhaust and that SEXY 180 rear tyre was the deal klincher for me ! :p
  4. Have you ever had issues getting parts or anything like that? (For the Hornet I mean)
  5. None at all ...
    ie chain, sprockets, brake pads, plugs, oil & air filter, brake/clutch levers, fork seals, handlebars, etc
  6. HI guys!!!

    Just finished getting my license a couple of days ago, hard enough for a first time rider, but in japanese and on a cb400 (yes, that's right, training here is on a cb!), was in all a little more... challenging!!! so i am well proud if you don't mind!

    anyway, went to the shop yesterday... hornet? vtr? hornet? vtr?... ended up getting a sweet lil' vtr. just love the style of them, maybe hornet has better perfomance, but what the hell!

    she is sweet, 10,000 ks, about $3000, i am laughing! :LOL:

    still at the shop, takes a week or so for red tape, but i can't wait!!!

    see ya!
  7. Congrats !
    I hope you get a pic up ASAP before klutu gets around to seeing this post :p
  8. The Hornet 250 is great, but the VTR is better. The fat tyre on the Hornet does nothing but slow down the handling - although it does make it a bit better on tram tracks. The VTR motor is also much more forgiving, which builds confidence and hooligan urges faster. Good choice.
  9. Hi Dan in Japan. What is the rego/insur like over there? I know for cars it becomes more expensive with age - is this the same for bikes?
  10. thanks guys i think i made the right choice too! :grin:

    regarding insurance.... my bike cost 330,000 yen, around $3,300, but fees including registration & compulsory insurance came to around 90,000 yen ($900)!!!!!!! (the insurance was 17, 470 yen and 18,000 yen)(2 types, go figure!) i have no idea about the costs in aus. but i am guessing it's much cheaper. Japan is great, you can get or do ANYTHING you want, as long as you're willing to pay :wink:

    in Japan they have SHAKEN, which is like a compulsory vehicle check every 2 years... basic cost is around $200~300, but have to get new tyres, etc. etc, really adds up to much much more, so i guess the older the vehicle, the higher the cost of maintanence and SHAKEN. Also this only applies to vehicles over 250cc, which is why though i can ride upto 400cc with my lic., i chose to get a 250cc.

    ... sorry, rambling...

    wanna put up some pix from the shops web site, just haven't worked out how too... don't get these wizz bang computer thinggies at all!!!

  11. hi you'll!

    been a while, sorry, too busy ridin' with a big fat smile on my face!!! (and you can't wipe it off neither!! so don't bother tryin', i'm flyin')

    yes, i'm in love.

    was worried about the lack of the 6th that the HORNET has... can't even get it (vtr) past 3rd in traffic, and cruises over 100 in 4th on the road... this bike loves high revs so who needs a 6th? o.k. i've only been riding a couple of weeks but pretty much got it sussed, this bike rocks! got a love/hate realationship though, love eachother, HATE CARS!!! shite!!!

    anywayz, anyone wondering what is a good 1st bike, i really reccomend this lil' vtr 250... 0~100 in around 5 sec. (give or take a bit), gets you where you wanna go (been to mountain, beach, mountain and back again in ease), and looks the shit. can't go wrong. kawasaki owners groan now. then shut up.(here motorcycle=kawasaki. but we know they are wrong)

    this is a beast, and i am as happy as larry. if larry ever owned a vtr and road like a mutha.


    (still can't work out how to put up pix., just trust me, this is the shit.)

    (can't wait to get rid of the exhaust though!)


    p.s. can' get THE PIXIES surfer rosa out of my head, great sound track for ridin', but goin' crazy. time to shut up. see ya!!!

  12. Excellent posts Dan. :grin: Can totally relate to your excitement at riding and at your VTR250. I have one and think it is just perfect.

    Enjoy! :grin:
  13. Hey mate!

    Out of interest, how much are SR400's new in Japan (not too sure if I want to know!)

    And wanna go parts shopping for my SR? :grin:
  14. PM sent to dannijapan. 今日ã¯ã€€ãƒ€ãƒ³ã•ã‚“ï¼ã€€æ—¥æœ¬èªžã€€ãŒã€€åˆ†ã‹ã‚‹ã€€ãƒ“ã‚¢ãƒã€‚。。

    As to the RRP of the SR400, as per this web page there are two models.

    One is ï¿¥486,150, the other is ï¿¥609,000 and is a 30th anniversary edition.

  15. yeah, a new sr is around that but if you go shopping you can get one for less... if you wanna get great parts (cafe racer style) check ou dell-sara hiroshima. they do great customs, people come from all over japan. just hope they export. makes my mouth drawl... http://www.dell-sara1995.com/menu.html

    ...sorry, it's in japanese!!! forgot that point! just click around and you'll find something tastey!

    too far ã•ã‚“ã€ã€€ã¯ã„日本語分ã‹ã‚‹ã‘ã©ã¾ã ã‚€ãšã‹ã—ã„。。。ã—ょãŒãªã„ã€å¤–人ã ã‹ã‚‰ï¼ï¼ï¼ã€€i still don't understand difficult kanji...

    sorry i cannot reply to your mail, it seems i have to write seven posts before i can write an email. what kinda rule is that???!!! anywayz i live in fukuyama city, hiroshima ken, a dirty, boring port town about 150kms out from hiroshima city. but the mountains are close as is the ocean (obviously!) and the people are nice. sorry, i hate tokyo. love osaka + kyoto though... kansai rules!!!

    what do i do? i am a dad. other than that i work in a japanese restaurant, NOT an izakaya! 14 hours a day, 6 days a week... all hand made... it's tough but i love it! and the ride home rocks!

    what do you do? been here long? i am getting on to 8 years, forgotten what life is like back in aus.! (full of racism and hypothetical bomb scares if you trust nine msn news!!!)

    stay in touch, i guess i can mail you soon enough!

  16. SR400

    There's a company in Australia, Deus Ex Machina who sell the SR400 as a new bike. They also make and sell custom versions:

    As for the vtr250 as a first bike, great buy! I've owned 2 and love them :grin:

    Dan in Japan have you seen any news over there about the Honda vtr250F, the bike expected to be replacing the vtr250?
  17. vtr250PROJECT... those sr400s are cool! very different to what they do here in japan, honestly i prefer what they do here, simple is best... the aussie style is too... vicious! :twisted: but damn cool!!!

    it's getting cooler here now and my bike doesn't seem to like it at all. can't explain what it is, just feels different. is this normal or is something wrong? sorry, a bit vague... stalling when starts cold, takes a while for the revs to get "normal"... and a sudden surge of power when i am riding.

    any advice?

  18. Leave the choke on a bit longer?
  19. virtual...

    ...yep, that worked. cheers! the thing i don't get though is this is a 2 year old, we are living in the 2000s' but still 17~20'C can make my bike shiver!?! i guess i am in for more fun when it gets to minus temps!!! :shock:

    still, when she goes, she flies!!! WAAAAAAAAA~~~~~~~~!!!!!!!!

    p.s. saw a really well done gb250 clubman (cafe racer style) today. started having second thoughts. but they look really small. then i took off on my vtr, no regrets. just sweat. sweet. :p

    p.p.s. new vtr?!? great! my bike has gone retro!!!!! (and a bike is only as good as thy that ride it... care for a drag???)(o.k. you may well kick my ass, but we can have fun)

    o.k., too drunk and listening to WEEN.... but why the hell not?!?

    no riding tonight... more sake and a peaceful sleep. if my babe don't play up.

    p.p.p.s. todays nine msn (love to hate) but one of my only portals to "reality" (hate to love) had a story today (9/29) that 30 odd percent of aussies are racist. what the hell does that mean? what ever... as scarey was that 10% thought that mixed marriges were BAD. so , if me and my Japanese wife and 1/2 child choose to move back to aus. (my home, i miss and love so much) we will be victimised by hatred from at least 10% of the population, satisfied that they scared another innocent while they drive their toyotas home to eat microwave dinners heated up by hitachi and watch their sony t.v.s and so on and so on.... why should i go back if you are going to carry on like that??? shame on us all! the world is watching.... GROW UP!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    i am going to sober up and go for a hard ride...



  20. man i can dribble when i am drunk! sorry! :oops: