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HELP - GT650 Owners

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by shaven, Feb 11, 2009.

  1. hey guys...
    im very close to buying a gt650 for my wife. what i'd like to know from owners are the good & bad. what you think about the hyosung.
    im looking @ buying a second hand good bike for her... what sort of $$$ should i be looking @ paying... or would someone suggest a bike shop to go to.
    any advice would be appreciated.
    cheers matty

  2. There are many threads about Hyosungs around.

    I suggest you do a search and see what you come up with.

    Basically they will tell you the bike is reasonable, its just that they aren't screwed together that well.
  3. yeah some people say they make not be put together that well... but i met a guy today who did the first tests on them in australia... road, ringed its neck in every climate he could find. yes he sells them but when he looked me in the eye i knew he wasnt lying.
    he actually said the same thing... what he did say is there are some dealers that have no idea what they are doing or how to put them together... sour grapes you say... yeah maybe but not with this guy.
    spoke to him about servicing, parts, price, resale, cost of serciving (that was VERY interesting), other bikes it competes against etc etc
    ive been riding on & off since i was 7... this guy impressed me...
    just wanted to hear from the people that actually ride & own them...
    thankx all
  4. the best place to ask would be korider.net as its a Hyosung specific forum :)

    I have GT250R so cant help with the GT650
  5. IMO, decent bikes IF you don't get a lemon, if you do, then you are in for a world of hurt. The risk of getting a lemon was just too great for me so i ended up buying a GS500 instead, haven't looked back!
  6. Better bikes out there for the money. Don't waste yours on a piece of crap like a Hyo.
  7. If you're lucky and get a good one, the new ones go okay, handle okay, and stop okay but no more than that...

    That's the good bit, leaving aside their history of exploding engines you have to contend with the fact that in their quest for cheap there has been a lot of scrimping going on, which is why they still have a lot of small failures cables snapping, excessive pad wear, lock out switches packing up etc. If you add that to the fact that Hyo worldwide has a parts shortage and has had for at least a year and Hyo Aus's policy of keeping minimal stock those small issues can take a lot of time and with Hyo Aus's price gouging money to fix. Servicing isn't cheap either with 6000km intervals and a valve check required on each one it soon mounts up.

    So don't buy a second hand one, and if you buy a new one it's worth working out how many tows and cabs you'll get for the difference in price between that and a SV...


    How many times have I heard that, the war cry of a true Hyo Fanboi
  8. appreciate the info... any others would be great.
  9. Think I may have spoken to the same dealer, if you ask the right questions you soon realise it's just very good marketing spin.

    Like most vehicles coming out of Korea the metals used in manufacture are shit compared to the quality coming from Japan. A LAMS SV650 probably isn't going to be in your budget if you're looking at 2nd hand, but at least consider a GS500 - that's about as bullet proof a bike as you can possibly get.
  10. Indeed, very learner friendly and the engine loves taking a beating.
  11. hey jd...
    mate that SV650 is sweet. budget isnt a problem. its just she only got her L's the other week... so hence the second hand bike. just didnt want to buy something she may drop ;o( or decide she really doeant like.
  12. Go the GS then. Never heard of anyone buying one and not liking it and even if she did change her mind they tend to hold their value well, even with the usual scuffs and scratches from low speed drops.
    Actually, could probably say the same of the SV- though I don't know anyone who's owned the LAMs version (it may suck compared to the unrestricted version for all I know).
  13. Not much between the LAMs and full house SV until you're getting upwards of 6 grand. Plenty of go for the rider and teaches them to ride the torque, ratehr than wring the neck of the bugger.

    SV has superior handling and brakes to the GS, and craps on it from a great height in respect to sound with a pipe.
  14. Yeah, there's plenty of bad news out there.

    I had a '02 GV250 for about 18 months. For me, there were no problems - I had it serviced by Staffords in Heidelberg (who are very knowledgable on Hyosungs). Service prices vary alot between dealers.

    If you need spares, I would recommend Richard Jordan in Korea - I could get bits and pieces quicker from him than PS Importers :)

    Check out korider and also alternative cruisers forums for any other info.

    Good luck :)
  15. The 650's require a valve check every 12000 not every 6000. I was quoted $550 minimum plus parts for a major service (includes valves).

    They're not a bad bike overall. The OEM brake pads suck. They stop OK but they squeal badly. I've replaced mine with EBC FA86 and they do much better.

    Switchgear cabling can be an issue. Personally I've had my clutch cable sensor go (it came out...) which stops you from starting the bike.

    I also have an issue whereby it seems to miss on one cylinder occasionally. Spent much time $ and effort trying to track this down to no avail. Right now it's derestricted + running rich and the problem is mostly absent but does still occur occasionally.

    Overall they're not a bad bike, I like mine, but I don't think I'd buy another.
  16. From the workshop manual...
  17. Are you sure that's not the 250? i know it had shorter intervals for service.

    Either that or they changed it on the newer models. Mine is every 12k according to two separate dealers.
  18. There's no coolant on the 250... The intervals got pushed to 6000 when they worked out that 4000 kms isn't the same as 4000 miles, but everywhere mines been it's ever service and the results sent back to hyo... Perhaps they're still not sure they've fixed the valve problem???
  19. Is yours back on the road Stig?
  20. Currently I still think it needs a head gasket though...