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HELP GSXR600 advice

Discussion in 'Modifications and Projects' at netrider.net.au started by Gixthis, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hi guys,

    I recently low slided my 2007 gsxr 600.

    I want your advice on how much, what is wrong, and best places to get parts.

    These are definitive things I know that is wrong with bike ; Left mirror smashed, rear left tail light out, left fairing very scratched and cracked, front rim warped, front fairing cracked, throttle tube not snaping back, tank dinted
    On a more serious note the bike starts when in neutral but the bike wont start in any gear, and the gear indicator does not seem to be able to work accept for neutural which it reads 0.
    Does anyone know what that could be?

    I have priced the repair like this- Auctmarkets full fairing set (600), front rim (100-300), mirrors (30-100), throttle ??, tank (100-700), shorty levers(50-150)
    Mechanical side ???

    So any advice on this would be great guys, is the pricing right? and what could be the mechanical issue (Clutch)?
    Anything I missed ?


    photo (1).JPG photo (2).JPG photo (3).JPG photo (4).JPG
  2. considering it's been heavily damaged ...namely in regards to that front wheel i'd be concerned about the forks being fcuked/out of alignment/bent whatever

    also i like to gamble but a more sane person once you get it cleaned up abit might want to go over every single inch of that bike for signs of stress or fractures/cracks in the frame itself
  3. Thanks , from first looks the forks and front breaks appear to straight
    and not leaking, will look into more once fairings are off
  4. I think the first order of business is to find out if the frame and forks are still straight. And that can let you know if its even worth repairing.
  5. That second pic looks like it has scratches on the frame?

    I would of thought that the not starting is the clutch sensor not recognising that the clutch is pulled, but Suzukis dont usually start even in neutral without the clutch in,. Maybe that has changed for newer suzukis. Does it die as soon as you put it in gear? Maybe it is the stand switch.

    But yeah dont fix anything until you ge the frame sorted
  6. Will check frame and forks before doing anything to it.
    Hopefully they are good, otherwise il just sell it to wreckers.
    Thanks mate
  7. It just cuts off as soon as you put it in gear so could be stand switch actually.
    I will definitely check frame and forks first
  8. Agree I would say that is the stand switch if its dying when you put it in gear.
  9. Il just keep updating this as i go repairing it.
    The stand issue has been resolved, it now runs fine on the race stand in any gear.
    The frame has been checked is good to go, I am ordering a new front wheel soon and once that is on I will see how it rides and if there are any issues.

    Hopefully there isnt and once its on its all cosmetic from there :)
  10. where ever you hit the front hard you should undo the triple tree's

    As they tend to hold the forks you wont know how bad the forks are until you have undone them.

    when i hit the front end of the GPX750 it wouldn't hold straight on the road, thats when i was told of always releasing the triples after hit to the front wheel.

    when i undone the bottom triple you could see the fork tube turning
  11. Suzukis won't start in gear with stand down, there's a little switch that is pushed in when the side stand is raised.
  12. damn, ok is that a hard job? I will do this eventually.
  13. Yep, in my rushed state of trying to start it after the crash i didn't figure that out.
    Only when i was at work did i realize my dumb mistake, 2 days later