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help - Gix1k - clutch pin issue

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by bluemuppet, Nov 16, 2008.

  1. Hey guys, been a while since I posted but I'm in need of some help... I posted this on the gixxer forums and no luck so far.

    I have a K6, and I thought its about time for a chain degrease and while I'm there I may as well remove the sprocket cover and clean out 20,000kms of gunk. No problems, I remove the sprocket cover, proceed to clean around the area (including the small push rod that the clutch lever pushes in to disengage to clutch).

    As I was cleaning around this push rod, I pulled it out slightly and heard a small 'tick' or 'clunk' from whatever it was connected to. I push it back as far as it will go, and it feels like it is just hitting hard metal and not pushing on anything soft. I can also pull it all the way out (I believe based on the manual and what I've seen, this is normal). So I push it back in as far as it will go (not that far), and put the sprocket cover back on, making sure that the push rod goes into the little holder that pushes forward when the clutch lever is pulled.

    However I can't get the clutch cable back onto the arm, because the arm won't bend far enough - as it is pushing on the pushrod which is just hitting something solid. So basically, I've lost any connection to the clutch and playing with the clutch push rod on the sprocket side doesn't achieve any results.

    It's up on a stand and will happily flick to second but not to first (didnt try turning the wheel tho).

    Can anyone provide any insight into what I've ballsed up?

    Note: the only other thing worth noting here is that the previous owner had the clutch springs from the 750 installed for a smoother clutch actuation.

    More info: The rod I'm talking about, is part #17 in this diagram http://www.oneidasuzuki.com/store/parts-accessories/clutch-push-rod-gsxr750-2000-03.html (*i think*)
  2. Hey mate, i dont know too much about the k6 but i have had problems getting my clutch cable into the clutch arm on the nsr. Try adjusting your clucth lever to get more cable, that should be enough to put the cable back into place.

    Most bikes will need to be rolled forward to get into gear, so try turning your wheel while selecting first.

    Hope i understood your problem right haha :LOL: . Cheers, Stef
  3. resolved the issue.

    issue resided mainly with the halfwit who didn't put it back together properly (me).