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Help get Tracey back on the track

Discussion in 'Racing, Motorsports, and Track Days' started by Johnny O, Aug 16, 2010.

  1. Hey Guys, unless you are a regular Victorian roadracer, you probably wouldn't know young 600 Supersport racer 'Tracey Davies', Tracey had a huge accident at Broadford on the weekend (through no fault of her own) and partially destroyed her bike (R6) & helmet and the ambo's had to cut her leathers off.

    Tracey is known & liked by all in the paddock, she is a racer that is doing it harder than most, can I ask anyone with good contacts at a major bike shop or motorcycle accessory importer to see if we can get a new helmet & leathers for Tracey.

    I'm sure we will all appreciate who ever helps one of our struggling racers and we will get behind them with support for the products that they sell/import.

    Regards, John Orchard
  2. Helmets -- how soon does she need one ?

    I have yummy helmets - although they can be used for track only now soon they will be okay for the street

    how old is she - and is she hot ? :)

  3. Tell her too take up chess, cheapest hobby I know! :-({|=
  4. Harsh Respi.
  5. Is she ok after her fall?
  6. Yeah a bit harsh, but it's true! So many people who race scream poor,I hear it all the time. We all know it's an expensive hobby/sport and off's are a part of the sport whether it be our fault or someone elses.

    My advice is to use the money you would have spent on tyres for the meet to go towards helmet and leathers.
  7. She actually is poor, but out on the track because she loves it. It's admirable.
  8. True it is an expensive hobby/sport but Sponsorship is part of the game. She doesn't have a lot of sponsorship and I think all Johnny was after was to bring her situation to more attention. Who knows perhaps we can drum up some sponsorship for her.


    How about we start a fund to get her to take Netrider Sponsorship for a year. Logos etc. I'd be happy to chuck in some cash.
  9. who pays for the entry fee for her race meets? who pays for the tyres she'll chew through qualifying + the race?

    Doesn't sound like that falls under the category of poor too me!

    anyways good like getting some sponsors with big hearts!
  10. Fair enough Respi, You have your opinion I have mine. I firmly believe that people trying to live their dreams should be assisted and encouraged otherwise the oceans of beige will engulf us all. :wink:
  11. Set up a paypal and we can either donate or buy some stuff off motolegion for her.

    ...And it appears she is hot.
  12. Well she has a medical condition that prevents her from working, she does work for the club in return for her entry being paid, she does not buy new tyres, she'll buy used tyres and try and get as many meetings as she can from them. She drives an $800 bomb early 80's HiAce to get to the track. It wasn't a race meeting that she crashed at; she was a volunteer instructor at the Preston Club's race school, a school that gives all riders low cost, non-profit race instruction.

    I agree with you to a certain extent but I wouldn't promote this idea if it wasn't justified.

    I think you've shot your smart-arse mouth off without knowing the facts maybe? :)
  13. Perhaps if you gave all the facts in the first instance your request would have the depth needed to distinguish itself from any other racer who has an off.. yeah? Also, by doing so would mean smart arses like me wouldn't jump on it :)

    At first glance it appeared that some racer with tits had an off and you're trying to get some help. What makes her different to anyone else is what you need to illustrate & you didn't really do that.

    good luck though!
  14. Sour grapes Respi?
  15. Cool :) she is single, and yeh she scrubbs-up ok. A helmet for track use would be great! When she gets out of hospital I'm sure she'd be happy to do a promo photo shoot for you. If you are going to import/sell/market helmets, let me know if I can help in any way.
  16. Don't eat grapes, but I do get them so the Doc tells me!
  17. [​IMG]

    hooow you doin
  18. she looks like my mate Deb. Good on her.
  19. I've raced and walked the track with Tracey, cracking competitor.

    Respi, all racers do it tough, some tougher than others and everyone one of them uses their own methods to get support and sponsorship. I don't begrudge anyone getting assistance, especially if she was just volunteering to help other new riders/racers at the time of the accident.
  20. Because of course that means that we should help her out... ](*,)