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Help get some music culture into me!

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by wentworthmeister, Oct 6, 2009.

  1. I enjoy most genres of music, but find myself listening to the same old pop/alternative/electronic stuff because that's what is easily accessible and advertised. I like the stuff i buy, but i know there's a whole world of music out there that i'm missing out on, and i'm wondering whether the good people of netrider can point me in the right direction...?

    I'm pretty keen to get into some older slow-dance/jazz/blues(?) music, the sort of thing you'd listen to over dinner and can slow-waltz to. The tricky part is i don't really know what genre it fits into, but I hear it in movies and think "that's awesome" and can't ever follow it up.

    So, gimme some names!
    Thanks in advance. :)
  2. Kind of Blue
  3. try some John Lee Hooker stuff. awesome
  4. Kind of blue wont make sense unless you go back and listen through some swing and bebop.

    Try some early count basie, duke ellington, louis armstrong, etc then charlie parker, lee morgan, art blakey jazz messengers, thelonius monk.

    By then youll see where miles davis was coming from with kind of blue. So I dont think its a slow dance genre, it was a response to the excesses of bebop. Its an excellent and famous recording though, just not something you can dance to like swing era stuff.

    Basie and ellington were in the swing era when people were dancing to that stuff.
  5. Good stuff guys, keep it coming.

    There's so much variety! Even just one artist has so many different styles and tempos. I'm liking all of it, Charlie Parker especially. What's Frank Sinatra, is he a different genre again? I don't mind a bit of vocals either.

    My eyes (or ears perhaps) are being opened...
  6. Check out some of the internet radio stations. Radioparadise, ABC's Dig, LastFm
  7. Ugh, what the hell is happening. See the other post, yeah?
  8. Could have sworn I just posed in here... 20c says I hit preview and then moved on.

    Anyways, Blues, personally I like my blues with a rock slant. Look up Warren Haynes of Gov't Mule. Albert King and BB King are also good starting places.

    Jazz is much more difficult. Considering your current taste in music, look up some Jazz Fusion, or some Acid Jazz. Funk Jazz never really goes down badly either. Look up Herbie Hancock, Metropolitan Jazz Affair and Igor Prochazka Trio.

    Also, get over to last FM. You can tell it to search for similar artists to what is in your iTunes library, or you can pay $3 per month and get internet radio services, into which you can type a genre or band, and it plays you stuff thats similar.

    Good luck!
  9. Lol yeah, where'd it go?
  10. Cheers mate. Yeah i'm trying to diversify from my current library. So it doesn't have to relate at all to what i own.

    Oh, and internet radio FTW!
  11. Just found a good 2 CD compilation in my collection. Highly recommend listening to it

    Try googling "The Best Blue Note Album In The World Ever"
  12. These guys just started playing on my LastFM. Kinda funky. I like.
  13. "Help get some music culture into me!"
    Try eating yogurt while listening to you regular music.
  14. Hmm, this thread has eaten two of my posts.

    What makes Jazz and blues more cultured than any other form of music? It's all one big wank. Like what you want. I wasted the best years of my life playing Jazz. It's all shit anyway.
  15. Non-commercial radio will show you entirely new things

    106.7 PBS FM

    102.7 RRR FM

    both have audio archives for many many different styles of music, check em out
    (have to say I prefer pbs for diverse music, rrr for great talk)

    Also, I honestly haven't tuned in for years, but back then Kiss FM played a lot of new stuff (mostly electronic)

    Also BBC radio1 is pretty rad

    more electronic some of which is amazing mixes

    good luck, that should keep you timewasting for a good couple weeks at least :]
  16. ..or you could move all the way to the right and sample classical music....

    Don't bother with ABC/FM or the MBS/FM group: they are too busy trying to ram their incomprehensible "new" music (atonal muck) down people's throats. Go and get a Mozart compilation CD from Sanity, or the like, and listen to that. When you've figured out the joys of music built on patterns and development, check out JS Bach going backwards from Mozart, and Beethoven going forward. Listen to the whole of his Ninth Symphony, not just the snatches of the last choral movement that gets plundered for advertisements all the time.

    {For the record, my collection includes all of the above PLUS jazz and rock and folk and other stuff...}
  17. I used to have a saying when tuning my bass guitar before a rehearsal...

    "Close enough for jazz."
  18. For a more modern take on the theme I would suggest Winton Marsalis or for more of the vocal Jaz, Vince Jones.
    If you want to look at some of the Precursor styles to rock (Again a modern take on it) try out Some Collards Greens & Gravy (Currently doing Pubs around Melbourne) they do a good old styled Blues sound. And along those lines get your hands on some van Morrison, he has that same transitional blues/rock sound.
  19. I’ll have a go at answering that (As I see it) Jaz & Blues (Excluding swing (And you will see why as you read)) was music made by people because of the love of that music. It wasn’t music made for mass consumption, made to be churned out by the main stream music machine, In the same sense that you would compare Kyle Minogue Vs Early U2 (I personally think they dropped the ball after Rattle & Hum) you would describe U2 as more Cultural, they talked about life as they saw it, not just produced Music factory trash. As such they held a mirror up to there culture, not produced a plastic wish of the culture. I say the same is the case for most Blues and Jaz.
  20. Jazz is a stepping stone in the evolution of western music. So no its not necessarily more or less cultured than any other period in western music, but without an understanding of the beginnings of jazz and blues, later styles dont make a lot of sense.

    Hornets right as well you should go back and listen to some to some bach mozart and beethoven.

    Better still go back and learn your Pythagorean tuning to see where all our equal temperament music came from.

    So I do have to wonder how you wasted the best years of your life playing jazz? Something tells me you were not pursuing a style you wanted to. Theres a lot of different styles under the heading of "jazz". For the record I have a degree in music majoring in jazz.

    ....and a bass player at that, so watch it Bonk :twisted: