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Help - generic Jaycar Alarm installed but battery flat???

Discussion in 'Bling and Appearance' at netrider.net.au started by Toecutter, Jul 30, 2006.

  1. Finally got around to installing my Steel Mate alarm that we got as a group buy here in Sydney.

    I didn't bother with the immobiliser, the LED, blinkers flashing or anything else - just the black and red wires direct to the battery and of course the siren.

    I taped all the exposed wire ends from the big bunch coming out of the controller.

    There was a single, much shorter, black wire coming out of the controller unit (not with the big bunch of wires) with a pre-soldered "O" end on it and I just earthed this to the bike - anyone tell me what this wire does or is supposed to do??

    All worked fine yesterday and all set to go for a quick ride this morning but absolutely zero battery when I went to turn alarm off and pushed started button.

    Many thanks in advance.
  2. Alex,
    I also installed mine the other day, without immobilisor, but the led and blinkers etc installed. I used the black wire from the loom, not the black wire with the 'ring' attached to earth the thing. All seems to work OK. Not sure what that wire with the 'ring' does, but maybe it is draining the battery somehow.....

  3. So you didn't connect the black wire with the "ring"??

    I'll go and disconnect that wire now and see how it goes.

    Thanks for the update
  4. Re: Help - generic Jaycar Alarm installed but battery flat??

    Individually I hope, and not together in one big bunch.

    I think this is the antenna wire? As previosuly mentioned though, the black from the loom would more likely be the earth.
  5. Both blacks go to the battery I was told. Why they did it this way is beyond me.
    The blue wire (with the plastic cover on the end) is the areial btw.
  6. Yeah, I just left that black 'ringed' wire unconnected. Unfortunately, the 'instructions', and I use that term loosely, look like they're for another model, but they are close enough to give you an idea of what goes where. I think Mouth's right, that wire is probably the antenna, although, I thought it was ground also, because of it's colour, 'ring', and thickness. You'd think they'd use a different colour or mark it more clearly.

    Anyway, disconnect that one and try the black on the loom and see how you go. I'd also connect the LED somewhere if I were you. Very easy to do, while you're at it. Acts as a deterant when it's flashing....

  7. Sounds a bit strange don't it.
    My money would be on an earth but sounds like you've got it sorted that it isn't.

    Didn't it come with instructions ?

    As mentioned make sure none of that group of wires that you taped aren't making contact or ya probs may have only just started.

    Now for someone who has set it up.....any good ?
  8. The second black is only a few inches long, I've disconnected it from the earth and taped the end up.

    And all surplus wires exposed bits taped off individually.

    On trickle charge now so let you know how it all goes.

    Thanks again for all the replies
  9. well i did mine today. well see if bat is flat in morning.
  10. put a meter between the unit and the battery and turn the bike off and arm the alarm.

    Tell us what the current drain is, and we will tell you if the alarm was a waste of time or not.
  11. Sound like you did it right ,The bike won't start so they can ride off with it.
    I got a set of spot light ON my jeep ,you can't understand the instructions ,half the time ,i will wire them up one day ,its only been 2 years. :LOL:
  12. The 2 black wires are connected together internally in the alarm, so it doesn't matter wich one you connect to the battery, the O-ring wire is used for attachement to the bike frame in those cases where the frame is negatively earthed to the battery.

    Alex, if your battery was on the way out then the alarm may have been the final straw. Or someone tried to steal it, and the siren has been going off all night :LOL:

    The blue covered wire is the antenna.
  13. Sounds like some weird sh!t going on to me.

    I bought one of those units and installed it as described in the instructions, including the blinkers and LED, and have had no drama.

    I put the red wire to the battery and black with the eyelet to the chassis and had no problem.

    Check your wiring again. Chances are it's a wire in the wrong place OR the off chance it's a bad unit.

    But if that all looks good just go back to the shop and talk to them. They're usually good at Jaycar.