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HELP! Found O-Ring off my chain in my front sprocket cover.. bad?

Discussion in 'Maintenance and Servicing' started by Darren96, Jan 23, 2013.

  1. Hi all,
    Was cleaning and oiling my chain today and when I took off the front sprocket cover, in the dirt I found a small O-Ring which is out of my chain. obviously has a split in it which is how it came off. Just wondering if this means new chain is needed ASAP or can I wait a couple of weeks until i book it in for a service? cheers

  2. Should be Ok,. it is generally a sign of the chain having dried out and not moving for a while. What sort of condition are the sprockets?
  3. Sure it is off the chain that is on the bike now?
    I'd lift the rear and check every link for movement. If one of the links is missing an o ring it is probably a bit stiff.
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  4. pretty sure mate hey, and if i find the link the o-ring is missing from?
  5. Might be ok for a few weeks unless it is really stiff.
    I'd replace the chain based on it being on its way out. Check the sprockets as was mentioned. You might need to replace them too and is often advisable when you fit a new chain.
  6. In the old days, chains had no O-rings. But it required the owner to remove the chain from time to time to boil the chain in oil - this got oil into the nooks it needed to be. Chains don't last long without the pins being lubed, so keep the lube up till you replace the chain.
  7. I had a look at the sprockets today too and there is still a nice veat "square like" knob on them. pretty confident they are in good shape so yea, just for piece of mind I'll look into replacing the chain in the near future. Good idea to get this done at a dealer or is it reasonably easy to DIY?
  8. Pretty easy job to do DIY but you will need a chain tool. If you keep the current chain well lubed and clean it should still last a while yet but check for any obvious seized links as others have mentioned.