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Help for right hand turns

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by tiggers, Nov 25, 2010.

  1. Hi all,

    I think I need a couple of suggestions for a right hand turn from a busy road. I had my first off there on Friday night, it's a double lane in each direction and I have to stop on a hill to turn across in to my street.

    Ok, I may be a little anxious after Friday 8-[ but last night I’m waiting for a clear break in the traffic, almost in the middle of the lane when a mini overtakes me in my lane with the wing mirror just missing my elbow.

    Here’s what I’ve been doing, keeping to the middle of my lane with the indicator on, watching my side mirror and tap the rear brake to get the light flashing in the hope that it get noticed……….any thing else you could suggest?


  2. Find another route? Turning right like that scares the beejezus out of some of us. I have a choice of 3 turns to get to my place and can usually time it to get a free run at one of them. My wife always turns at the lights and then goes through back streets.
  3. :WStupid:
  4. Is there any way you could turn left and then duck into a side street, do a u-turn then back onto the road again? Sounds like a lot of extra work, but might help until you feel more safe making that turn.
  5. If you want to keep taking that turn:

    Indicate early, and gradually slow down for the turn. You'll most likely trap the car behind you so they create a barrier, plus you're reducing the speed differential as they're slowing down with you (and hopefully so do the cars behind them). When you stop, don't stay in the right wheel track, position yourself to the middle or left of the lane, or at least close enough to the centre that nobody will try and pass you in your lane.

    If you're turning across 2 lanes during peak hour, I'd seriously think about finding another way home. Doing this has kept me out of trouble so far, but I still wouldn't want to be sitting in the right lane for a long period of time.
  6. find another route. sounds dangerous and i don't want you getting hurt cause idiots out there can't drive!
  7. Hi Tigger,

    It doesn't sound like you're doing anything wrong. That mini driver was a jerk.

    - you do want to feel cool calm and collected anytime you're making a turn, and
    - you don't want to put yourself in a vulnerable position any more than necessary ...

    so all of the preceding advice about picking a different route sounds like a smart option.

    Look after yourself out there mate!

  8. If I'm running late for work and its "school time" I take a different route to my regular one.
    I can legally turn where I want to turn but I also want to make it home again.
    Bike riding is about reducing the risks so we can enjoy the ride.
  9. Thanks Guys, I'm going to take a different route home, it takes a little longer but I can hang a left.

    I thought I was just being a Learner but its good to hear that its not only me who doesn't like it!

    This place rocks!!
  10. had a guy do this to me yesterday.

    was approaching the multi-lane split on the james ruse drive overpass, travelling in the left hand wheel track of the right hand lane

    as i get to where the multi lane split happens (where 2x turn right only lanes sprout), i move into the right wheel track of the same lane, and this impatient ****wit overtakes me (mind you the lights 20meters ahead are red) in my lane, almost a hit and run if i hadn't taken evasive action.

    i hit the horn and he waves his hand out the window like "what?!?!" so i pull up next to him and ask him what the hell he was doing

    of course he had his iPod headphones in and was eating food with his left hand, and started spitting when he begun talking in broken english.

    had a go at him cause he started yelling at me that i couldn't drive and that if i indicate right i should stay right and not go left. W-T-F??? i didnt even indicate or go left.

    so we had a yelling match for the duration of the red light, so just before the vehicles moved i revved my engine to drown his voice out cos i was ready to snap his neck off with his half open window a la guilloteine

    still got his number plate and make / model /colour but havent logged a report yet.

    don't yell at me to learn to drive when you're obviously ridden nothing but a donkey for the last 50years then come here, fake a license, and try to kill me. **** YOU GET OFF THE ****ING ROAD YOU SPITTING ****!

    /end rant

    it's gonna happen every once in a while and even if you report all of them the cops arent gonna do shit cos it's your word against theirs and the cops get no revenue out of it.
  11. I hear you Mav, I had exactly the same on Friday night but came off after a C**T over took standing traffic to dive up the wrong side of the road trying to undertake me turning right.

    I did the whole screaming thing...not a pretty sight.

    Your rant is allowed!!
  12. +1 for ranting

    i'm gonna upgrade my bike's horn to once of those sound wave blast ****ers that will blow out their rear windshield if they cut me off.

    edit: sorry to hijack the thread
  13. i just stab them in the face
  14. Yep. thinking of adding a big loud slip on + kick ass horn.
  15. Some one at my work recommend upgrading the horns. Just bought a set on eBay for about $40 delivered. This guys says they are way loud and sound just like a car.
  16. Did the different route home last night - much more enjoyable, plus I get to practise slow speed riding for atleast 30 mins....still not popped my filtering cherry yet.