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help for newbie please

Discussion in 'Welcome Lounge' started by clampy750, Nov 21, 2009.

  1. hi all im new to the roadys and looking for rides. i have been looking throw your forums but there all so long. so were is the next few rides ill be at the bp next tursday. is this a go or will there be no one there

  2. Hi, you may want to read the FAQs on how to best use the site to avoid your posts going missing.
    You must post threads in the correct forums otherwise you risk them being deleted.

    tip: If you are looking for rides, it's best that you specify which State you are in.

  3. geez mate, im guessing your an import cause your spelling is shocking, and yes, what city, there are around 5000 bp's in Australia
  4. no just a crap speller.
    im from vic i did post this some were else but it was the wrong spot (thats for moving it and not deleting it)
    i was going to be there to night but have a bad flu so no go for me.
    would any one like a ride/lunch/small hike/ride home. i have had a knee reco and would like to do the latrobe falls walk (nojee) one day i can get a car to meet us there to put or gear in. im a litte of making a loop but will post it if any one is keen.
  5. keep an eye on the Vic sub-forum as there is regularly rides thrown up there, sometimes at short notice...

    if you know how to get out there just declare a ride yourself or set one up in the Expression of Interest (EOI) sub-forum....