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Help for a newbie!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' at netrider.net.au started by Catie, Jun 30, 2008.

  1. Hi All - I'm a complete newbie getting into bike riding. Getting my L's in a few weeks, and starting to have a look at a few bikes and gear etc. Found a fantastic place for gear, last few years superceded models and colours etc half price or less.

    In terms of bikes I've discovered that I don't fit on any Hondas except a 125 as my arms are too short, and only thing I've found comfortable are Kawasaki's - they're also the only bikes when sitting on that I can get my feet properly on the ground. Unfortunately they hold their value really well over here, so most are out of my price range. Any other suggestions? And what's the going price for a ZZR250 or GPX 250 in Vic? Coming over for a week next month, so might buy something over there if I can find the right one and ship it back home.

    I came across a 1995 ZZR250 this afternoon at around what I think is the right price for what it is. It has a lot of km's, but unfortunately I'm going to have to wear that with my budget. It's recently had a top end rebuild, and has been dropped by the previous owner (learner), but not crashed.

    My question is - should this bike be avoided or is there anything I should be wary of because of the engine rebuild? I'm not too worried about the scratches, as I'm going to drop it and add to them anyway. And what price should I be looking at given it's over 60,000km, rebuilt motor, scratched and needing new indicator on front (not absolutely necessary tho)?

    Cheers for your help!

    Feel free to move the thread if I've put it in the wrong place :)
  2. hey, welcome

    i found this bike in a used car sales yard, it is as traded and was used as a comuter, im not that tall and it fit pretty well. its only $2000 and has done about 47,000.


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  4. Wish I was mechanically minded! Boyfriend is, but not too keen at this stage on having a bike in bits as I've sold my car to buy a bike and need to start riding the carparks and (dead quiet) backstreets as soon as I have my L's. May be an option though, will look into it. Seems bikes in SA are overpriced tcompared to other states.
  5. Welcome to Netrider Catie, I'm sure one of those friendly SA Netriders would be able to help you search :).
  6. Welcome.
    Check out what learner approved bikes are about after July. May get something that will last a little longer(powerwise) than a 250 that you may tire of after a year or so.
  7. I shall do - assuming because people have upgraded during runouts? Only problem is I'm too short for anything much over a 250 as I've discovered...damn you, short legs! Can only just touch the ground on a Spada if that's any indication - wouldn't be in this muddle if I fit on one of those!
  8. You can always get the seat modified, they scoop a bit of the foam away, and add in some higher-density foam so you aren't touching the bottom of the seat, and recover it.
  9. except my arms are too short and can't reach handlebars without locking elbows...not cool! Will keep it in mind though.
  10. Then maybe a cruiser is the way to go.
    at least until they develop arm and leg extensions
  11. If you're not planning on doing many kms on the highway and just want something to learn on perhaps have a look at one of these:
    They are around 2 grand - but that is for a brand new bike.
    Being Chinese built obviously they're designed for smaller riders and build quality shouldn't be that bad compared with an old high-mileage Japanese bike.

    Otherwise follow the advice above and look for a cruiser.
  12. Cheers for the advice, just a bit concerned about parts availability and servicing for a Sachs. If I was going to go that small engine size I'd be tempted to go with the Honda as I'm a bit more comfortable with availability of service etc. Bike'll be my main form of transport once I've mastered the back streets, and not sure that a 150cc would do the job for me - think i'd grow out of it too quickly, hence the 250 decision - not fussed if a 250 only lasts 12 months, but don't think a 150 would last more than 6 and can't afford to upgrade in less thsan 12. Also don't want to buy something that has an unknown resale value if I decide riding's not for me.

    Seat shaving might be an idea if i can find something my arms reach - think Kwaka's going to be me, they just seem to have a shorter handlebar to seat length. Technically I fit on Spadas and VTRs etc, but if I slide back in the seat more than a cm (I've been told I will), I won't be able to do anything with throttle or clutch or brakes etc., and that could land me in a very nasty situation.

    Definately not a cruiser, have sat on a few and they are so not for me. Find them really uncomfortable!

    Have seen a ZR250 as well, any opinions on these?

    Have pretty much decided to buy interstate and freight over, believe it or not it's much cheaper than buying over here at the moment!
  13. What bike do the L's people use?
    You'd have to be very small proportioned to not fit on a ZZR250 even though they do fit larger people quite well too.
    Dont forget you are assessing size from a n00bs perspective and after a short period of time things will seem like second nature.

    Short arms? Lean forward.
    Short legs? Seat or suspension mod.
  14. hi if your short and want to learn to ride get a bike thats light and has a low hight

    if you like cruiser get a yamaha virago
    if you like sports get a honda cbr250

    you could go for a Yamaha Zeal, they are pretty low to the ground

    or even a cbr125 if you want to learn on something light and small with not much power.

    I think the ZZR still may be a little big (760mm seat) for you and so would an across (770mm seat), which is 163kg and too heavy for you.
  15. Just found a CBX 250, is 1987ish, but appears well looked after. Cheap as it needs a new front shield, also has no fairings to crack if I drop it. Anyone know what the seat height is for one of these? Is about 30kg lighter than the ZZR, so that's a bonus!
  16. It would want to be $200.
    It's 21 yrs old! How much do you know about bikes again?
    You'll need to be willing to get your hands dirty with a bike this old.
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  18. the seat hight is 770mm so its like the zzr, the difference is that the bike is skinny and narrow seat, so your legs can hang more off the sides than say if you were on an across
  19. Absolutely bugger all. Hence why I'm here getting opinions! Unfortunately I'm an unemployed uni student, uneligible for youth allowance, so my budget is very limited, and bikes in SA are very expensive, even for POS second hand I'm still looking around 3-4000. This one has a full service history, not a scrap of rust on it unlike some others I've seen, and has only done 40,000km.

    I was looking at Dad's Spada which is 21 years old as well, well looked after and it runs like a dream. I still may buy it, who knows.

    I have no issues learning how to do things to the bike, makes things easier for me. Can swing a spanner around with no issues, is just a matter of learning where everything goes.

    Out of interest, how much would I be looking at for a seat modifcation?
  20. you dont need to read Japanese, just look for the number in the circle, thats the seat height

    but like i said its a narrow bike as its only a single cyl and is light too 129kg