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Help!! Flat battery???

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by rodgonzbea, Sep 21, 2011.

  1. Hi, Im @ work on my brake I went to the carpark to move my bike (ZZR600), and the battery is flat.
    Thats when I remebered that yesterday and the past three days it was taking a couple of extra cranks to start..
    Of course,since i bought the bike, I took my old battery charger back home. And the USB stick with the manual is also home..](*,)
    how do I get the B****y seat out.. thats where the battery is.. isn't it? Thats where it was in the old Yammy 250 (SRX)

    Now, if I push start it (frkkn 200 kgs) AND don't drop it.. AND assuming its just an old battery, and not the R/R or charging syst.. will the light kill the bike? I finish at midnight, there are no buses this way and I already had my old bike stolen from here once.
    I guess my question is, will the charging system put out enough electricity for a 1 hr ride home?8-[
  2. can you google the manual online?
    So is your seat 'key locked' ?
    if not, does it 'pop' off thru lugs? ( every bike seat I have had was key lock released)
    Can you get someone to push start you?
    sounds like the battery needs replacing, had a gsx750f that I left heated grips on [no they were wired directly to battery] anyhow a ride of about 15 kms on freeway always charged the battery up with no probs. So I'd be looking for a battery quick smart.
  3. Im googling now, in between work..
    It has a lock next to the seat, which looks like a helmet lock.. and IT WONT BUDGE!!!
  4. You can run with the clutch in 2nd gear then when you get up to speed, jump on the bike and drop the clutch.
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  5. sometimes you need to put weight or pressure on the seat to release the latch..
    you can jump start a bike off a car, I did this myself !!
    do you have breakdown service?

    as whitey said 2nd, never first!!
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  6. Easiest and safer than running I found was just to find a nearby incline to roll down rather than all the effort of running :) :)
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  7. I know!! I can see myself all unco and then stacking it!!! Im in a multilevel carpark.. ill slowly push my way up a couple of levels and then roll down.. hell i might even put it in the elevator!!!
  8. aha got the manual, and it looks like the battery of my old bike, which is still under warranty, will fit the zzr...
  9. So.. I pushed the dinosaur up a couple of levels... rolled it and it jumped to life... but NO HEADLIGHT!!! Stupid battery must be absolutely f***d, it generated enough power to run the engine, indicators, but not the light, and at midnight, its kind of necessary. So i locked it, chained it and luckily a colleague gave me a drive to the city... Sux.
    Ill charge me old battery tonight and take the charger with me tomorrow. See what happens..
  10. It would be the bike charging system generating the power to run those functions rather than the (flat) battery. headlight should also have run so I suspect a blown fuse.

    In general bike batteries aren't as durable as car batteries and dont cope well with little or no use. So depending on the age and use of your battery dont count on the old one either.
  11. SOOO next day I arrived with another battery, swapped it and all was good!! lights working.. all OK.. By the amount of dust and sh... in there it must have been a really old battery...
    Just in case, ill run the bike with a voltmeter later on...
  12. How long have you had the bike??
  13. On the no headlight thing, even if the battery was toast - once you got the engine running, you should have a headlight.

    As you said, get a volt-meter on it while running and see if the b#gger is charging.
  14. +1 Headlight should have worked so sounds like a separate issue.

    Possibly the headlight issue is causing the flat battery rather than a flat battery affecting the headlight
  15. I have had the bike for about 2 months now.. about 3000 ks. Had a major service done straight after buying it , and leads, and charging were tested.
    I havent had a chance yet to test the battery again. But it seems to be starting ok. On this model the headlight is on all the time (my old bike didn't, had a switch), and strangely enough the light is on all the time.. no worries.
    Also.. that night the rear light was on... and indicators, horn , dash were all ok...
    mmm you guys are on to something..:-k:-k