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Help finding top box for scoota

Discussion in 'Scooters' at netrider.net.au started by wayne, Oct 19, 2006.

  1. Hi guys & girls , Was wanting to know if any one can tell me what the best box for the money is to go on my new firenze. I have put the correct rack on , But still not shore what box to go with.. if anyone can tell me about where & what type box is good or bad i would be very happy.. many thanks for your help.. Wayne

  2. go to your dealership where u bought it from and ask them. they will probably have some specific boxes for your scooter.

    my vmoto monza came with top deck box as standard equip!
  3. Hi Wayne
    I purchased a Givi top box along with my scoot as part of a bundled deal - IMHO there is a large margin on these, so you should try to negotiate a fair discount (even if you've bought the scoot already :wink: )

    No problems with the Givi except it ended up being too small for my needs. So, while on a business trip to Singapore, I purchased a larger Givi, complete with mounting rack. Got back home and didn't even have to change the rack - unlock old Givi, put new one on.

    Take away points from this story:
    1. Get the size that suits (don't go over the dealer recommended size for your scoot though)
    2. A popular brand with interchangeable boxes means that if you do change (or have to replace :( ) the box, it should be a snap.

    I'd also suggest that you try the boxes to see how you like the way they lock / unlock.

    As for the price in Singapore: equivalent of $50 Aussie for a 32 litre.
  4. Diggerdave thanks for your advice.. Went to the dealer i got the bike from; They were out of most of the boxs i was after but hey they will get more stock.. They were a little on the pricey side they suggested the large givi for around $275... As a guy i dont want to look like a pizza delivery guy ether lol, you know what mean... wayne...
  5. extra income

    Yeah, but think of the additional income possibilities to afford the next scoot / bike :)
  6. Diggerdave,

    Whereabouts in Singapore did you get your GIVI box from?

    Would like to pop in while I'm over there.
  7. Hi puttputt
    will try and jog memory bank tonight when reconnected to broadband connection - just too damn slow over dial up =-(

  8. if you guys havent already sorted out your top box then i'd suggest you got for one of the generic R-Jays black top boxes. Mine was $99 for the box and mounting bracket. Pleanty big enough for a full face lid or whatever. Just got it from the scooter dealer over here but am sure you could get them almost anywhere.
  9. Re Singapore, best as I can recall it was Jalan Besah Road in Rochor. Apparently, Kelantan Lane is also in that area.

    I found that as I walked further down Jalan Besah, the prices kept going down!

    The way I got onto it was to ask the bike and scoot riders that had top boxes where they shopped! The stores I looked in also had helmets (not recommended - no AS sticker!), clothing etc. There was DriRider gear there that apppeared to be a lot cheaper than Oz as well - but I didn't take much notice as I was not looking for clothing.

    Oh, and have Singa $s - some of the shops were 'cash only'.