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Help find neutral!!

Discussion in 'New Riders and Riding Tips' started by mini_chew90, Apr 19, 2008.

  1. Hey guys,
    Have brought a new bike (CBR125R) and had it now for like a month. And just got my bike learners today. So the problem is that I turn on the ignetion and find neutral fine but then when I turn the engine on and shift to first I am unable to find Neutral again, until I turn the engine off. The N light doesn't even flick on inbetween shifts. I ca was able to find neutral on the course bike but not mine. Is it suppose to not find neutral or is it broken or it there a special techniqe. Sorry fo the long message but yeh really futrasted I hope I havn't broken it already.

  2. N should be half a click between first and second. If you're having problems engaging first gear, try letting the clutch out a bit to friction point then bringing it back in and trying to shift down again. Or move the bike a few inches forward and back whilst trying to shift down a few times.
  3. You need to very very lightly press down/pull up between 1st and 2nd gear to find neutral. Maybe roll the bike forward/back/disengage the clutch half way if you're having difficulty. It's there and there's no special trick. :)
  4. There is actually, its called getting a kawasaki :

    Positive neutral finder - When stopped you can shift up as much as you like or with as much or little force as you want, it'll still be in neutral. Does make it hard/impossible to shift into neutral as you're approaching a near stop.
  5. When approaching a stop, I always shift all the way down till I know I'm in first and lightly hold upwards pressure under the gear lever (whilst bike is still moving) ... it should just click into Neutral.

    If sitting still move the bike forwards a few inches like rocking the bike backwards and forwards whilst holding light upward pressure.
  6. Other than that we do not advocate or openly encourage learners to be 'shnickin' it into neutral at traffic lights or wherever while riding............
    Correct technique: in first, clutch in and held, left foot down & right on the footbrake,......ready to go :wink: :wink:
  7. Yup.. not always practical in stop and start traffic though mate.. well is if you have a light clutch.. I wish my clutch was as light as a cbr125r.
  8. When I first started out, I was finding neutral way too often. Nearly every time I thought I was putting it into first, and almost every time I tried to shift it into 2nd. :LOL: :LOL: :LOL:
  9. I think you might just need to get used to your bike. I had the same problem from the start but i got used to the feeling of how to get it into nuetrul...
  10. Yeah, with a kwaka you get a box full of neutrals :p:p

    I had a ZX6R so I know all about the quirkiness of the PNF ;)
  11. Strangely my suzi seems to have more false neutrals than my 250 kawa which had none.
  12. the cbr125r has auto find neutral, if u keep kicking down it finds neutral for you

    this is REALLY annoying sometimes when you're looking for first, but the procedure to find neutral is

    i find that if you kick up into 2nd, then kick down twice (while stationary) it will always find neutral, and to get into first you will need to release the clutch, re-engage the clutch and kick down
  13. i've really never had that happen o_O
  14. I always though that a difficult to find neutral was a bonus, no unintetional
    gazzilion rev moments.

    As others have said, just let the clutch out to friction point, pull it back in and
    hey presto, half a gear movement will do it.
  15. Good advice really.
    I have a 98 FZX250 (Zeal) and if I let it slip into nuetral at lights or a stop sign I normally can't get it back into 1st or 2nd, I've only had a few very embarrasing stops in which its taken me 15-20 seconds to actually get it back into first, and that was only by pushing the bike forward a foot or two

  16. Pfft! The GTR has near on 100k kms on it, and doesn't do that. You got a dud!

    Regards, Andrew.