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help! excess baggage options.

Discussion in 'The Pub' started by twainharte, Apr 23, 2009.

  1. help! excess baggage options.

    have been asked to help in finding an option of carting some items overseas instead of the normal route, i.e. paying the airline excess baggage fee apon check-in.

    THEY want the items, presumably, some suitcases or boxes sent over to the final destination being croatia.

    i've been told one can have items put directly in the cargo of the same plane or other plane that offers such a service, i guess, for considerably less than paying the excess baggage fee if one were to check-in on the plane they would be boarding.

    the items would then either be waiting for there arrival at some pick-up point or come shortly after their arrival for them to pick-up. is this true?

    anyone done this? care to give me some insight?

    thanks in advance.
  2. I sent all my diving gear from England to Perth in two suitcases a couple of years ago. Cost around 120 pounds and took two days.

    Google "frieght forwarders" and find one near you , they generally operate out of an airport business park. They'll even come and pick it up for you - zero hassle at all.

    My parents have recently sent me the rest of my stuff from their place over here by sea. Its currently en route now , hopefully avoiding Somalia.
    Cost 160 GBP , the company delivers 9 boxes to your home that all equate to 1m3 , you fill em up then they come back and get them and dispatch them to your port of choosing. Excellent value and service albeit it takes 30 days.
  3. The thing that makes it hard is the destination.
    Sometimes Removals companies (Kent, Allied, Crown, Wridgways…) will “Backfill†containers with excess baggage, There is a huge trade in it from backpackers going to England.
    But Croatia won’t have the amount of cargo moving so finding accompany that has a shipment going there could be a bit of an issue (worth a ring around though)
  4. Just call any shipping company and ask them to toss it in the next LCL (loose container load) they have going to your destination.

    Or try one of the majors like Duey, Huey & Louie (DHL), UPS etc etc
  5. call some cargo places

    and remember

    Trafficking is more then a felony in the states :p
  6. cheers.

    had a look at this mob last night: http://www.packsend.com.au/

    yeah, they're not really that keen on using the sea option. a few days wait isn't a problem, i should imagine. will inverstigate further.