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Help deciding which bike to buy, Honda CB400 ABS or Yammaha XJ6N?

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by xcom1, Sep 3, 2012.

  1. Got my learners about a month ago and have narrowed it down to these two bikes I want to get. Which bike would u guys get?

  2. Ninja 250r. Duh.
  3. I had the XJ6SL, which is the half faired one.
    they sre awesome bikes. especially when you derestrict it.
  4. Johan, was that you that pulled up next to me at the elizabeth st roudnabout then queensberry st, last week, say wed n thurs
  5. Ugh stay away from the awful CB400. It's the blandest of bland bland vanilla bikes out there, and servicing on them is painful and expensive. Look some cheaper options as well: it's your first bike, you may drop it, smash it, get it stolen.
  6. The 2013 Ninja 250r does look very sexy, if it was out now I would probably be tempted to get it but I'm more into naked bikes.

    I was thinking along the lines of buy a brand new bike for for my L's till full and keeping the bike after as I don't really like the idea of swapping bikes after 12months. I know this is probably the wrong way to go (reasons stated by trumpetplayer) but a brand new CB400 abs or XJ6N looks SO good. I'm more leaning towards the CB400 cause it has its full power even on lams (am I right?), abs and I would be happy to ride it years after my L's and P's. I love the looks of the XJ6N over the CB400 but the current model doesn't come with abs i think and I'm not sure if my feet can touch the ground on it(couldn't sit on the the one at the dealer as it was sold).
  7. you will want more power the moment you ride a bike that has more power, just buy the bike you want, ride it for as long as you want, sell it when you get bored. Lams bikes barely depreciate.
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  8. I get the feeling mines about to with a damn sexy new model coming out. But i have been drooling over bikesales wondering whats next...
  9. Kawasaki have an excellent 650 lineup with ABS, Ninja 650, ER-6NL & my ride, the Versys 650L ABS.

    Of course as a new rider you might be better off to start with something smaller like a Ninja 250 or even a scooter like a Tmax 500 or a Kymco Donwtown 300i ABS (I started with a Tmax 500, absolutely loved it). Maybe get a 10-15 yo second hand 250 just to get the feel, you won't lose much money that way.

    Take them for a spin before you set your mind on any specific model. I virtually ordered a new Ninja 650 on the phone after reading reviews and only did a test ride minutes before I didn't buy it as I did not like the seating position.

    In restrospect I think I might have learned to love the Ninja 650 but then I do really love my Versys despite popular opinion that it has a head only a mother could love. It is one sweet handling and powerful machine with a great upright riding position.
  10. Wrong place mate you need" Bike reviews questions and suggestions "

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  11. yip. that was me.

    Don't 'bout the the Yamaha, but my '09 didn't ABS. Lots of others do, which is great.

    Get a Monster. very nice
  12. I'm on my restricted license and have ridden a couple LAMS bikes. Can honestly say the drz 400 super motard is the most enjoyable. It's super punchy, has a relaxed position, is super light and really cheap to replace things on. Also they can be personalised really easily for little money. Do yourself a favour and go have a look at one. Also; motards turn more heads than sports bikes :D
  13. sorry buddy, know what made me realise? your bloody huge top box as you rode off, then of course twas too late lol
  14. I have a CB400 with ABS. I love it. I use it as a daily commuter (highest speed zone is 60) and I never have to use the VTEC power. On the weekends, it gets used through the hills. It might not keep up with the big boys, but there isnt a car which could touch me through the chain of ponds. It has some serious poke. $10,400 is alot of dollars, but I don't see myself needing to change to anything bigger. Its a quality built machine, with fine attention to detail. The ABS breaks are brilliant.
  15. I bought a brand new 2011 Honda CB400 (non-ABS) about 9 months ago for $10,200 - it's a fantastic bike, have not had an issue with it at all.

    I did however buy it brand new thinking I wouldn't want a bigger bike for quite some time, 9 months on and I'm hanging to get off my P's in March and get something bigger.

    If I had my time again, I would have saved the dollars and purchased a second hand one. I estimate I will be selling mine for around the $8000 mark (with about 9-10K on the clock) once March rolls on in.

    Painfully researching bikes I cant have till then.. Multistrada 1200.. BMW K1300S.. Honda VFR1200.. it's slowly killing me.
  16. + 1 to a second hand cb400

    Buy one a couple of years old and save $$$

    They're awesome bikes for a learner. Great quality, reliable, good brakes, easy to ride and with some decent power.

    Its basically a sports commuter. It's great for traffic and the commute, but for a learner is a great learning tool on weekends in the hills and day trips.
  17. I will be in the same boat in May next year, can't wait. I too bought a new bike at the start of my 1 year P period and I was conscious that the Versys 650L was going to be a tricky bike to sell a year later as they are just not popular but after test riding all the bikes that had ABS the Versys was the one I really loved. Cost me $10.3K (have since added about $4K worth of upgrades), I estimate I will be lucky to even find a buyer when I want to sell and am forecasting about $7000.

    At the time I bought the new Versys there were no used ones for sale at all hence the reason I went new.

    Am also looking at the BMW K1300 & the Ducati MultiStrada 1200S, I think I will go for the MultiStrada 1200S ABS model as looking at the Ducati forums a lot of people are having big problems with the Ohlins DES electronic suspension. Some out of warranty bikes are having to spend about $4K to fix the issues, ugghhh.

    Also have a look at the 2010+ KTM 990 SMT, brilliant bike and particularly if you ever want to go off road.
  18. +1 for the ER-6NL love mine......... Is naked is good
  19. Sounds like we're in the same boat.. I'm hoping by March next year the problem with suspension on the 1200 Multi will be sorted - hopefully the german engineers from Audi will be able to have some input towards the next version of the bike.

    Sorry for the thread hi-jack.. as said before go for a second hand CB400 if you like the looks, I'll sell you mine in March.. will still be in showroom condition.