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Help deciding on first bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' at netrider.net.au started by huzey, Aug 21, 2006.

  1. Ok, first off, I know it's my own decision and I should go with what I like, but being a complete newby to the whole scene, I'm not sure which bikes to research and not.

    I've been talking to some members from this site(prawns etc), and I'm gathering a list of bikes to look at. I want to get away with something from $2000-$4500 range (cheaper is better)

    These are the following bikes Iam researching, some are grey's, but I'll be taking two mechanic friends with me who will test everything on the bike to make sure it's not a peice of crap.

    Honda CBR250R
    Honda CBR250RR
    Yamaha FZR250

    I 100% want a faired bike, simply, I've got a few hundred stored away for when I drop it. So please don't recomend any naked bikes. (I know you guys have experience, and I don't, but im wierd and I'll just simply not like a naked bike)

  2. do you want opinions on these bikes or additional suggestions in your budget?

    I think the Across is an excellent bike in that price range. the storage is great.
  3. Opinions on these bikes, additional suggestions, everything. I've got time. Thanks
  4. If you must have a four cylinder also have a look at the Kawasaki ZX2R. Otherwise the ZZR might be worth a look, it's a twin so not quite as fast but chances are you'll get one in far, far better condition for that budget than any CBR250RR. All four cylinder 250s are basically the same, especially given that they were restricted in Japan in top speed and in power, and they're all of a fairly similar build quality.
  5. I don't have to have a 4 stroke, anything really.
  6. I can't be stuffed to tell you why Hondas are a sensible idea blah blah blah.

    I'll just tell you about my FZR and let you judge :)

    I got an FZR because I didn't want to have 'just another friggin' CBR'. I think they're a little boring from an availability point of view.

    FZR [get the right model with dual front discs] stops and goes as good as the CBR. It IS an import, so insurance is crappy (I don't have full comp on mine).
    It looks hot.
    It turns heads.
    It fits in between cars at traffic lights easily.
    It is expensive if you break stuff on it... due to 'certain circumstances' mine got forks straightened, new headlight, windscreen, front bracket, front fairing, LHS fairing, RHS fairing and that was the better part of $1700.

    Otherwise, perfectly reliable. Get an easy 220k's from 12 litres of fuel [and that's with 'fun' riding ;)].

    My advice to someone looking for a learner sports bike is to get the CBR, but even after an expensive stack, I wouldn't swap my FZR for one.

    Buy the one you like the most :)
  7. The ZXR250 looks nice and relativly cheap, any comments?
  8. Be hard pressed finding a quality CBR in that price range... you might have a little more luck with an FZR (although quality is again questionable, from what I've seen they're not particularly reliable).

    As jd recommended, the ZX2R is basically the same as the CBR and the FZR, so worth looking at. He's also right in saying you could get a much better condition ZZR or even Across for your money, but it depends on the styling you like. Even the GPX is an option, and cheaper still.

    You also might need more than a few hundred if you want to patch up a faired bike after dropping it - but that depends on how good you want to look afterwards! But if you try to get it back to new condition, you could be looking at up to $2000. If you're happy with a bang-up job, a few hundred will suffice!
  9. Depending where you are.. they are not that cheap.. have a look at bikesales.com.au and you will know what I mean..

    Bur ZX2R. Great bike... I love them..
  10. I love the look of the ZX2R and the 250GSX (some of them don't look good however).

    I strongly believe now that there's not going to be a HUGE different in either of these 5 or so bikes, I should just wait and see what comes up at the right price etc etc? That sound like an okay game plan?

    Oh, did some shopping


    He lives near me, I can pick that up for probably $3,500, would that be a steal if it was in good condition? (It's just got damage to the fairings on one side)
  11. Go the ZZR, well thats based on my limited knowledge. Done me good the old ZZR, they look good, and turn beutifully, in a stupid manouver i took mine off road around a corner at 120 k's, (bad line picking) fishtailed it whilst I could have touched the ground with my elbow, my mate thought I was a goner, pulled it off like nothing had happened.

    GPX same thing different package, the fairings are smaller. The extra fairing is nice in the rain if all you have is jeans on. Your feet'll get wet but your legs stay dry.

    Good luck mate, and enjoy!

  12. I'd be putting my money on that that bike has been down the road atleast 2-3 times. Firstly it will have been resprayed when it came to Australia; that would have been with mostly factory parts. Then i reckon it's been binned and destroyed the pipe (hence aftermarket). Then i reckon it's been roadluging or run up the back of something... hence aftermarket screen and mirrors... and another respray.

    If i were starting out again... i'd have $3000 cash sitting in a shoe box and shop around for every FZR/CBR/ZXR that comes up in the $3500-4200 range. Preferably one with a few little scratches... and offer them $3k with RWC & remaining reg. Be sure to get whatever bike ends up taking your fancy inspected by someone who knows what their doing. A tiny bit cheaper may end up expensive.
  13. That bike looks like it has no front right indicator?
    He'll probally want around $4500 realistically for that bike. Sucks, but thats the market. It's definetly worth over $4000.

    If you're looking for a learner legal sports bike in Newcastle, buy my SZR https://netrider.net.au/forums/viewtopic.php?t=24249 :)

    Goes like hell compared to a CBR, but not too intimidating for a learner. It's really incredible...
  14. Good cos more than likely this will happen.

    Also I don't know what your thoughts are to this but it is still a full fairing bike. Have you thought of a 2-stroke? Either Aprilia rs125 or a Honda NSR150.

    Seriously they are a lot of fun.

    But having said that I did learn on a CBR 250 RR and that was a great bike, and there are a lot out there.
  15. Is your SZR on the 250cc + exception list? if so, i'd take a look at it. Also, thanks for the comments, I'll be doing some research.
  16. Still looking seriously at a cibby and a ZXR. I'm not going to look at a ZZR after reading numerous websites, just not sporty enough for me (I know im not experienced, but im trying to narrow down my list of bikes)

    Iam also still considering a FZR.

    If anyone knows people around newastle with some of these for sale, please let me know :)
  17. Might sound a bit wimpy, but have you considered the Honda NSR150? They look fantastic, are fully faired, and house a hot-as-hell 150cc two-stroke liquid-cooled single-cylinder engine that puts out over 30 horsepower! 33 if I remember correctly. I can't remember if you said you were a learner, but if you are it is certified [just comes in under the 150kW/ton power to weight limit]. Not to mention it gives good fuel economy, and is a screamer to ride [max power @ 10,200rpm]!

    Oh, and they can be picked up for under $4000 easy. Good luck!