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Help decide on a Hornet Ive found

Discussion in 'General Motorcycling Discussion' started by zulu2, Aug 26, 2008.

  1. Hi all, My mind had been racing around on what sort of bike to get as my first. I have been looking at GS 500, VTR250, Hornet 250.

    Ive included a link to this Hornet which Ive visited but not test ridden, http://www.bikesales.com.au/as/sear...=0&previousResultPerPage=20&currentPage=1&x=0

    It looks sweet clean and sounds good. ofcourse I would test ride it before handing over the cash. But wonder what others thoughts are on this bike being good value? Maybe this bikes owner is on netrider I didnt ask.

    So any ideas or does anyone who knows bikes want to come look at it with me maybe?

  2. I cant fint information there or anywahere to distinguish this bike as a 07 manufacture. Its got Sumoto 07 Comp plate. its only got 5000ks on it. Ahh cant work it out.

    Bike sales & car sales will only let you put in a certain year. Maybe for The 250hornets bikesales thinks there is only tow years 96-97?
  3. It says grey import, so build date could be 1997 and compliance 2007. Get it properly checked by a bike mechanic.

    EDIT, yep build date is different to compliance date as it was used in japan first, search on sumoto.

    Way too much for this bike IMO.
  4. +1

    Most likely scenario is 97 built bike, complianced in Oz in 2007. Get that mechanic's check: the experience could be anything from blissful to a world of hurt... And 100 bucks or so is a pittance to avoid the latter.
  5. Hey, I got my GS500F for just over $6000, so if youre still looking at the GS, and have a good hunt around, you can pick up one for a similar price of whats asking on the VTR. Its chalk and cheese, so if youre paying that much for a 250, why not put in a little bit extra and get a bigger bike, so once youre off your L's and P's you dont have to upgrade immediately.
  6. that's not a 2007 model - looks are all wrong.
  7. +100
  8. If sumoto have been involved with it, I would be cautious.
  9. Sumoto have a rep worse than Hyosungs mate! Be careful very careful.
  10. Spot on for that money you could get a new bike with two years warranty!
  11. That's what I was thinking.
  12. Yeah thats crossed my mind the new bike with 2 years warranty eg GS500. But its am emotional puchase the first bike so I need to have sense knocked into me by netrider users. The Hornet looks cool :roll:

    GS was my origianl choice after deciding against a yamaha wr250x or DRZ400SM.

    As you can see my mind aint made up.
  13. It's your first bike, not your last. It's only a stepping stone.
  14. hey man, i'm feeling ya... i've only been riding for about 4 months now, and was chasing all over the place looking for zx2's, hornets, cbr's etc.. mostly because of the "look".. BUT ended up on a 2001 Kwakka ER-5 thanks to some sensible advice and haven't looked back. Not as 'sexy' as a hornet, but it gets along just fine, not to mention with a sweet little Micron pipe, sounds gorgeous and turns heads anyways!! (not that with my riding ability i'm wanting to turn heads just yet) :p

    good luck with whatever you pick!