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help compression problem cbr rr 250 1996

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' at netrider.net.au started by traveller, Jul 27, 2006.

  1. had the bike for 1 yr (grey import)and all was great never missed a trick till it was serviced in melb (in december)and they failed to do a valve check (not that i knew at 23,500)the bike has done 25,500 know and it wont start, it tries but just wont fire.
    Had to get a a mechanic out now the bike has been taken to a repair shop as there is oilY sludge greenie color in radiator, and the compression is uneven on all 4 valves between 48-68 very low. The guy said maybe a head gasket?stints to be replaced?? battery plugs everything are fine he said the rest of bike was in great order, but is it worth getting fixed? and anyone know what the cost would or should be?? hes said worst case a new engine 1500 dollars, :( was i stiched up when i brought it at the moment im very disillusioned. What should i do? any help would be appreciated on this matter, thanx

  2. Sounds like a head gasket or a cracked head. This bike is 11 years old and the problem may be that the coolent had never been changed which actually corrodes alloy parts of the system. As the bike is an import you wouldnt have known its history so maybe not your fault. Either way you are looking at big $$$ for a high revving bike such as yours. Is it worth $1500 being spent (better make sure its a good donk at that price) A gasket is cheap but labour is not! You may be in the range where there is no clear way to go. I'd be tempted to wreck it and mount something else.
  3. You haven't been stitched up at all, it has happened in your ownership of the bike, which you've had for 1 year. Sadly, this happens to many 250's which are simply passed on from learner to learner with very little (routine) maintenance being done.

    Firstly, you need to know what is wrong with your bike. You might be lucky and get away with just having to replace the gasket, maybe a head, regardless though the biggest cost will be labour unless you know someone that is handy with the spanners.

    Riding the bike for 2000 km's past the point of needing to check the valves for adjustment would probably not be responsible for this IMO. At this point, some valves may need adjusting, but it's unliklely that they would be far enough out as to cause damage.
  4. cbr 250rr 1996

    Thanx for the reply 2wheelsagain,
    Well i thought about selling it but i dont want to. The mechanic said bout $500 :eek: to fix it if he can but will it last long, is this going to be an on going problem for me will it cause other problems? as i said the rest of the bike is in great nick but on the last service sh :? ouldnt this have been picked up by them?? could this have been all avoided in the time ive had the bike??
    Im really confused in what to do here?
  5. thanks cammo i have tried to avoid any problems by having the bike serviced but since they did such a bad job obviously im left now with a huge bill and no i dont know anyone that can help me unfortunatly. what a mess
  6. IMHO This has nothing to do with valves. You havent punched a hole in the top of the piston.

    Something has let go and you now have water in oil and vice versa. Find a mechanic you can trust and have a diagnosis first.
  7. The bike is at the mechanics now and he is going to pull it apart and have a good look, he sounded like he knows what he is doing and ran me through all that he had tried plugs air filter etc and showed me the compression on the gauges he hooked up to the bike , he sounds fair and resonable and as i have no other option at this stage im stuk. Do you recommened i go through with the repair if it just the head gasket or sell and cut my loses? how much is the part? and what else could or has gone wrong? thank you for all youre help as im so un mechanical but i want to learn for the future.
  8. Hey everyone as ai am new to all this any help or suggestions,advice is all muchly appreciated and taken on bored.
    I hold out hope for my honda as ive really tried to look after it but the mechanic didnt seem to have my best intrest in mind just $$$$$ signs, hoping my new mechaniic can breathe life into it again will keep you posted.
    Big thanx to you all
    PS anyone out there know of any maintanance courses out there for bike riders like they do for cars very interseted in doing one thanx again
  9. The head gasket is a relatively cheap part. The biggest cost is the labour in getting to it and back out again.

    In failing it may have damaged the block or head surface. So this will add $s for further removal of the cylinders and machining of both.

    If it's a cracked head, then you can either replace the head at ?$ or have it wleded up and machine at ?$.

    The mechanic will be able to advise on this when he gets it apart.

    A new engine will cost a bucket.

    A second hand engine won't be cheap either, and may have the same problem or something worse shortly down the track.

    So keep your fingers crossed and hope it's only a blown head gasket.

    Low compression across all cylinders does sound a bit weird however, so don't be suprised if he comes back with something different.

    PS. not doing valve clearences will only result in extra noise and a marginal loss of performance. Maybe some odd wearing of camshafts. Not engine failure.
  10. Can you let us know what the mechanic comes up with. Good luck.
  11. Yep i will, i have my fingers crossed that all will be well wont be till mid next week.
    Thanks for all youre information