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Help: Clutch covers & lever too tight

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by Saradiel, Apr 4, 2013.

  1. Hi all. So we all know that when a bike has a light fall or slide, the clutch cover can suffer damage etc. Can somebody please give me the basic run-down on changing the clutch cover. I want to do this on a '89 CBR250R, but I'm sure the procedure is somewhat universal.

    So I drop the oil, remove the cover, replace the gasket and place the new cover? Thanks.

    Also if anyone has a clutch cover or the MC19, let me know!

  2. Sounds like you have it right.

    Just make sure to replace the gasket, and tighten the bolts back up to correct torque spec as per your service manual.

    Youtube is your friend here (y)

    Can't help with the clutch cover.
  3. Yeah that's true, YouTube is a good idea, thanks.
  4. Is it actually leaking oil or are they just 'scars' ??

    If they are just scars, you are stressing over aesthetics..its a 20+ yr old bike...
    not leaking oil ? rebuild with filler and paint it
  5. True, what sort of paint is best? You need a high-temp paint right? Thanks.
  6. Hi temp would be the safe bet.
  7. Be careful with the torque or you might get a leak, do up in a star pattern, you may not need to drain the oil. Mine is fine on the side stand with oil still in.
    Might be some pretty looking aftermarket covers to consider if you're into that kind of thing.
  8. Hi mate, another question. I have requirements for a RWC that I need to meet before next week. Mostly simple stuff however I need to quieten my exhaust. I could get a new one but it won't come in time and it's also costly. I was thinking about just putting in a baffle? Because the reason the mechanic said it was too loud is probably cause the baffle was taken out by the previous owner. Can I find these at wreckers or source a universal one? Much appreciated.
  9. Hi, I'm a newbie and have been posting a lot lately (sorry mods) but I'm wondering how I can soften the clutch lever on my CBR250RR. It is incredibly stiff and is causing a lot of fatigue. Hope someone can help, thank you!
  10. Change the cable or at very least give it a good oil. Oh, keep riding you'll get used to it.
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  11. Hi, thanks for your reply. What is a lubricant I can use for the cable? Thanks.
  12. Best way I heard was to take it off, hang it up and run engine oil down from the top. Add little bits at a time till it comes out the bottom.

    You can make a funnel out of glad wrap or tape round the top to fill full of oil.

    Or it could just be cause you're not used to using the clutch and need to build some hand strength.
  13. You can also take the lever off, clean the pivot point and apply some waterproof grease.
  14. Will be muffler specific. If you have original mufflers the wreckers will be good, or from a Honda stealership, or look up a parts fiche for your bike from an Australian seller and you'll save a few $ on buying from Honda. Don't get from USA, they tend to put everything in a box and charge $45+ shipping for the smallest of things.

    If you have aftermarket mufflers you'll need to get some from that manufacturer, but they can be sourced through your local bike shop or look up the manufacturer's page and find a local onseller.