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[Help] clunking noise - only when clutch out

Discussion in 'Technical and Troubleshooting Torque' started by J4YGR4Y, Nov 21, 2007.

  1. hi, i own an NSR150sp and i have recently noticed a tapping/clunking noise coming from my engine, i initially thought it was only when i was in neutral but have recently realised the noise only happens when i don't have the clutch pulled in and im stationary, as soon as i pull the clutch in the noise stops (whether or not i change gear)

    To describe the noise (this will be hard); but the noise is a spinning noise, like a rotating part within the engine is clunking / tapping randomly while moving, comparing it to the engine idle its random. i have a car friend who said if my bike is anything like a car it has to do with the "thrust baring".

    can any1 out there help me or point me in the direction of what may be causing the problem, i ride 70-80k's a day, so id rather get the problem fixed before it causes more damage.

    i can do basic stuff myself, but if its too complicated ill take it to a bike mechanic.



    :grin: :) :grin: :)
  2. Could it be your clutch?? mine is stuffed and it does the same thing
  3. If it does it in neutral, I'd say it was one of the bearings on the input shaft of the gearbox.

    Alternatively it could be a cactus clutch basket though I would have expected that to make a racket during operation.
  4. hey thanks for the reply's.

    i have noticed tough going down to first can be clunky, like i know its meant to click in, but mine almost clunks in. and if i happen to tap down past 1st, sometimes my bike will pop (while shifting down) into neutral, and it takes a few taps to get it into 1st...

    i will test it on the way home today, ill sit in 1st at the lights with the clutch in, but im 99% sure it doesn't make a noise.

    can i ask, does any1 know if it will be a costly repair?