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Help choosing comfy walk around bike boots (Brisbane)

Discussion in 'Riding Gear and Bike Accessories/Parts' at netrider.net.au started by petery, Oct 8, 2008.

  1. Hi

    I've learnt the hard way that sandshoes are stupid (broken tibia) :(

    So, as my leg heals I'm shopping for some boots. My main criteria are that I need boots that I can walk around in after I arrive. I mostly do short rides around the city and am usually going somewhere (as compared to riding for the fun of riding).

    I'm riding a DR650 but do very little (almost no) dirt riding.

    Scouting previous posts I've spotted recommendations for:
    BMW Sneaker 2, and
    Joe Rocket Big Bang

    Any thoughts on these?

    Any other ones I should look at?

    Any shops in Brisbane likely to carry these (Morgan and Wacker?)?

    Thanks heaps for any suggestions.


  2. if you've already broken stuff, may i suggest learning from it and getting full boots, not sneaker style motorbike shoes.

    fine a pair that are still comfy to walk in, but offer you maximum protection.

    to be honest i dont understand how people can ride in boots they cant walk in. if you cant walk in it, it's not comfy, so how can you ride comfy??

    keep looking, and you will find the right boot for your foot eventually.
    me, im after a pair of Alpinestars Supertech R's, once i get the money :)
  3. i have a pair of Oxtar Tour Tech boots. they sell for less than 200 bucks and are pretty comfy to walk around uni all day in. i take them off in lectures, but that is more coz it is hot atm. they are full length, breathe ok, keep water out rather well and have a shin protector. i got them from Team Moto at marooka. Tanya that works there at the counter is a member of the forum. seek her out and she will be able to point u in the right direction.

  4. I got my boots from Brisbane Motorcycles in Windsor.

    They are ok to wear nad walk around in and only cost me $170. I found after a couple of months that the insole insert was lifting every time I pulled my feet out and that was annoying me - but then I spent $5 on a pair of cushioned insoles from the pharmacy and now they are even more comfy than before!


    At the end of the day you need to try a bunch of boots on and see what fits best.

    I'd agree with nibor that since you've learnt by breaking bones you should probably do it properly now and get a full boot not some jumped-up pair of trainers with lofty aspirations!
  5. Rossi 811 Vision. All day comfy and wont cost you an arm and a leg.....or foot.
  6. +1 Pete.
  7. + another 1 for the Rossi's...although I've got the chick's version! Came off a few weeks back and feet/legs were fine, only a scuffed toe on my boot. I can walk around uni all day and not have sore feet by the end.
  8. Thanks for these great replies. I will give some more thought to whether I should be in full length boots. This broken tibia is a real pain! Haven't been on the bike for 5 weeks now.

    Thanks again - much appreciated.
  9. because riding doesnt have the same movement as walking.

    There are some mutually exclusive aspects that dont go together like ankle movement and how much play there is.

    Could apply your example to ski boots or ice skates, they are horrible to walk in, but they do their job correctly.
  10. SMX4 if you dont mind spending the extra dosh. :p
  11. I swear by my Alpinestars GPS3's. Very comfy for walking and riding, and not too expensive either.
  12. Try shopping here - lots of boots in stock, lots of brands and styles, and great advice!!

    Hi Side Leather Repairs and Clearance Outlet

    20 Cripps Street Salisbury
    0417 723 799
  13. i bought the Sidi Vertigos (tepor, waterproof ones), being a race boot i expected to get some blisters etc, but nope - from day one they fit perfectly and i have often worn them for the full day no worries, VERY comfy! plus you can purchase other sole liners to make it even more comfy!
  14. Falco Axis- excellent to walk in/wear all day