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Help choosing a Bike for a big bloke.

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by dean.v, Nov 13, 2007.

  1. Hi all,

    Im only pretty new here & to roadbikes.

    Im after a bike for my L's & P's in NSW. The problem is im 6ft6 & 135kg. Im expecting power will be an issue whatever i get but what will suit my size comfort wise? I have about 5-6grand max.

    Please give me opinions on what bikes will be suitable, as this is driving me nuts. I want a bike that can teach me a few things. Not something that just takes me from A-B. If you could, please explain ur suggestion.

  2. Z 650.

    Regards, Andrew.
  3. *mod edit - moved to Bike Reviews, Thoughts and Suggestions*
  4. appologies.

    thnks guys. keep the suggestions coming.
  5. Typhoon's suggestion or maybe a Yammie 650 - nice reliable twins.

    But then reading the above, have you thought of a big single motard or dual sport? A motard would give you good; handling, power to weight, throttle response and engine braking. The dual sport (or spare set of wheels) lets you tackle dirt roads where you can also hone your skills.
  6. +1. Another good option. Even a 250 trailie, with their short gearing and low end grunt, plus big frame, would be great with some roadish tyres. I almost went this way for a first bike.
    Being around the same weight as the OP, but a tad shorter, my Z650 was excellent, more than enough grunt, and great ergos.
    Any bike will teach you a lot if you haven't ridden before . The Z is safe but has a fun side, same with a trailie.

    Regards, Andrew.
  7. Thanks.

    Ive looked into the motard type bikes. I love the ktm's but they are a little out of my price range. If i was to get soemthing of that type ide ride it in the bush for sure.

    Is vtr250 even an option? Or a Zeal? My guess is they are tiny with not alot of tourqe???
  8. They'd be ok. But with your size I'd go a torquey thumper.
  9. is a HYOSUNG COMET GT650L any good?
  10. depends who you ask.
    On the whole, I would say yes. If you get one thats been done properly out of the box. Good size, and you'll be able to derestrict it (i think?) after restriction ends.
  11. Yeah they'd be great if they didn't feck up. They'd be awesome otherwise!
  12. do they have a bad reputation for being rubbish?
  13. Hyosung have build quality issues that have not been worked out. Hopefully they will sorted in a few years, and become as reliable as jap bikes.
  14. like i said, depends who you ask. Lots of negativity out there, lots of hyosung owners who are very happy with their bikes. They are very popular in australia, however, and I can't seem to think but for some good reason. the market doesn't lie.......just waiting for loz to tear into me :grin:

    phizog, I agree however, not quite up to scratch with the japs. on the way, but not there yet on the whole.
  15. im leaning towards a vtr250! :?:
  16. VTR 250 too small I reckon. I'd be looking at the chook chaser or motard area, KL 650 or something like that if it's on the LAMS list.
  17. Hey mate, im around the 6'5" mark and I ride a CBR250RR, Its quite uncomfortable for any rides longer then 1 hr long. Trouble is most of the road bikes are made by midgets for midgets. Even the hardley davidsons are short - I sat on a new Fatboy. Is the big single Honda 450 L's compliant? If so I would run with that.
  18. Yep KLR and DR 650's both on the LAMS list and easily within OP's budget
  19. :shock: Is that a bike you have caught in the crack of your ass? :p

    Good grief - I'm 6' and when I rode the missus' cbr 250r I felt like one of those clowns on a mini-bike. So glad I dodged the whole two-fiddy year over here. I sympathise for you mate!

    For the OP - Dunno about your budget but looking at the LAMS list I reckon a supermoto may be the go. I had an '02 KTM LC4 and that had me on tippy-toes. Huge hoonability when you get it de-restricted too.... did I say hoonability? I mean't its a fun bike :) So Husky, KTM, Husa ...

    Looking at the LAMS list they even have Beemer F650 .... wish VIC had LAMS when we got the missus' bike :mad:

    Stay away from the two-fiddy pocket rockets and get a big trailie or motard I reckon. You may find even sports 600's are too small when you get to that stage... I ride my bike because it fits me (6' and 100kg) more than it being a big capacity bike (lol - under a litre probably makes it 'small' these days) .... all the sports 600cc I tried felt to cramped for me.

    Whatever you get consider keeping some $$s for having the suspension adjusted for your weight - higher rate springs, and heavier oil .... will make a big difference - most bikes are set up from factory for 'average' riders which depending on where they are manufactured can be 60kg jap-jockeys and defo not 100kg+ peeps like you and me mate! It will be the best $$$ you ever spend on a bike.

    Good Luck!