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Help choose my first big bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by DrArmadillo, Mar 23, 2016.

  1. Hi all, nice to meet you.

    I'm after some help choosing my first non LAMS bike.

    About me:
    30 year old single male. 181cm, 85kgs. On red Ps, only been riding for 14 months. Getting full license in a couple of months. I use the bike mainly for weekend riding and am planning to do a bit of commuting to work (about 40km round trip, I also have a car). Currently riding a 2014 Ninja 300 (non-ABS). This has been a good intro bike but find it a bit low, cramped and underpowered.

    I'm open to both naked and supersports. A friend of mine who previously owned a GSX-R 750 has strongly encourage me to get an upright bike for comfort and handling. I'm mainly looking at middleweight bikes given that I'm not all the experienced with motorcycling. I think ABS brakes is a must, having recently locked up the rear in traffic (didn't crash). Traction control and variable power modes is also a big draw card. I have a good driving/riding record and I'm pretty sensible and safety conscious.

    I'll probably buy a late model (e.g. 2013 up) used bike with low km. Budget is fairly flexible, somewhere between $10k-$20K AUD (most likely will spend around 15K).

    The frontrunners are:

    Ducati Monster 821
    - love the looks and sound of the L-twin with slip on
    - comfortable riding position

    Triumph street triple ABS (or R version)
    - seems to be a great all rounder
    - cheaper than the Ducati, but not quite as visually or aurally appealing

    Kawasaki Ninja 636 ABS

    Triumph Daytona 675 ABS (or R)

    Ducati 899 Panigale
    -one of the sexiest bikes around IMHO

    BMW S1000R
    -combination of comfortable ergonomics and great performance
    -wont grow out of it any time soon

    I'm planning on test riding these bikes as soon as I get my license. I'm interested in what people think offers the best combination of sheer passion and excitement as well as practicality for the road, given the bike will probably never see a race track. Keen to hear other suggestions too.

    All input appreciated
  2. Mate, nice choice you have with your budget. My advice, with those $$ take your time and ride everything that takes your fancy, whittle that down to top 3 or 4 that you want, and then start asking specific questions of members. Should be a fun experience. Enjoy!!

    Oh and I have to add this for Lazy LibranLazy Libran - don't forget to try the Tuono!!
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  3. ;)

    They're awesome bikes after all...

    If only I could find some spare moolah...
  4. You have a great shortlist. Obviously go and ride them all, but I think they're all sweet machines.

    I can recommend either of the Triumphs (but my opinion is obviously biased. ;) ) They don't have fancy traction control, but you genuinely don't need it if you ride halfway sensibly because the power and fuelling is very smooth. If you're considering the Daytona, I'd suggest you think about the R version, because for a relatively small jump in price, you do get the Ohlins, Brembo monobloc brakes, and.... the quickshifter which is a whole new level of fun and incipient license loss. The standard bike is damn good, but for the money, the R is incredible.

    Other bikes to consider might be the MT-09 which is a great hooligan machine, and if you're thinking of the 899 Panigale, you should also have a quick look at the 959 for completeness' sake, although it's less likely to be available used.

    EDIT: Oh, you may also want to head on over to the welcome lounge to say a quick hello. ;)
  5. if it was up to me to spend your money I'd go the S1000 but don't think any of those would be a bad choice. ride as many of them as you can before you make up your mind, but make sure your heart has a say in your decision, that's what riding is all about, it doesn't always have to be the sensible choice.
  6. +1 (y)
  7. S1000R? Best of both worlds if you like the RR but want a more upright stance.
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  8. BMW s1000r awesome bike
    May want to also consider
    Z1000 Kawasaki
    Suzuki gsx1000s
  9. I went from a ninj 300 (L and Ps) to a Z1000 after only 15.5 months of riding. If I can do it anyone can. Really. Plus you have nearly 30 cm of height on me.
    Just learn to pick it up as a real heavy, awkward bastid after the Ninj
    Go try a few and which ever one sings to your soul you buy. Easy peasy.
  10. BMW S1000RR or KTM 1290 Super Duke R

    They are definitely my favorite 'big boy' bikes, can't wait to get off my restricted period so I can even test ride both of them.
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  11. Let us know your thoughts after test riding as I'm in similar position in December
  12. #12 amok, Mar 24, 2016
    Last edited: Mar 24, 2016
    S1000R with ddc
    MT09 with cash leftover for upgrades

    The first two are quite powerful if you don't want to ease yourself into it. They're easy to ride though.

    Monsters are great bikes and would do nicely for a few years until you decide you want a more powerful one (which you will).

    Also a GSXR1000 can be had brand new for around 16k for a 2015 model, which is the super bike bargain of the century.
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  13. I just got on my fulls and got a MT-09. Twitchy throttle, but can be fixed. Crappy suspension. But for the price, you could fix the issues and have a bike that's on par or even surpass the majority of the bikes you listed and still have cash left over.
  14. so DrA - what did you decide?
  15. I second the MT09. Seems like a perfect choice for what you need. I have one for almost a year now(clocked ~9000 kays on the odo) and it is an absolute blast! Heaps of power & torque, very nimble and manoeuvrable, comfortable upright riding position with an option to slide your arse back for a more sporty position. I have literally no complains about it, and I haven't even modded it much yet. You can get a new one for about 12 grand and spend the rest of your budget on heaps of extras(you have to hear the Akro pipe on this one!) or just change the suspension completely if you really want a super stiff sporty ride. BTW, after tweaking the settings, I found stock suspension to be perfectly adequate for my mix of daily commute and weekend fun in the twisties. So if you haven't test rode one yet, give it a go, I can guarantee riding it will put a huge grin on your face.

    Another one you should look at is the Aprilia Shiver(chillibuttonchillibutton has one and BitSarBitSar had one before getting an MT09). Another great streetfighter-style naked middleweight. Was considering it before settling on the MT09 but was damn close to getting one.

    As for the bikes you listed,

    * Triumph street triple ABS (or R version): I test rode one when I was shopping for a bigger bike. Not a bad bike but it feels kinda uncomfortable with a lot of weight on my wrists. Plus I disliked it's design, especially the bug-eyed front.

    * Ducati Monster 821, Ducati 899 Panigale: Haven't rode those but read/heard a lot of good things about them. Sitting on each of 'em felt nice, nothing immediately annoying or uncomfortable. The only downsides I can see are the price & maintenance cost.

    * Triumph Daytona 675 ABS (or R), Kawasaki Ninja 636 ABS, BMW S1000R: Can't say much as had no personal experience whatsoever.
  16. Thanks for the input guys. All very helpful. Now i'm just counting down until i get my full license. I'll let you know the outcome of my test rides.
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  17. Same question - similar bikes on list. Let us know how you go.
  18. So I just found someone in my neighbourhood selling a 2014 model Aprilia Tuono V4R APRC ABS in black, 4100 kms, asking $16, 750. I'm going to inspect it this week, but looks immaculate in the pics. The brain between my legs is tempting me to pull the trigger soon on a good deal even though I don't get my full license for a couple of months. Looking on bikesales, a low kilometre BMW 2014 S1000R could be had for the same price.

    Although I haven't ridden these bikes yet the Tuono seems like it has the most fun engine of the lot. Also I think its got the best exhaust note IMHO, particularly with a slip on exhaust (SC project perhaps) with the Ducati close second. Prob not as good in traffic as the triples of the inline four of the BMW.

    Anyway folks I'll keep you posted.

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  19. that sounds great - a local bike at a good price with low kays that you like the look and sound of... try not to be too eager when you view or the seller may play hard ball in the negotiation lol.

    best of luck!
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  20. So I checked out the 2014 black April Tuono V4R APRC today. It is in absolutely immaculate condition and looks so much better in the flesh than on a screen. As I mentioned Ive still got a couple of months on my P's meaning that it'd just be sitting in the garage until I get my unrestricted license (or risk a royal arse-raping and 7 demerit points).

    My best insurance quote was $2200 with InsureMyRide. Youi was closer to $3500. How does this sound for a newish rider with a good driving/riding record?

    Am I crazy for going from a Ninja 300 to a 1000cc bike? I met a guy recently who went from a Ninja 300 to a 2015 ZX-10R and never looked back. Should I tuck my left testicle back in and look at a smaller capacity bike that is going to be more practical and economical in the real world? After all I'm single with no kids so if I'm going to kill myself now is the time to do it, right?

    Please help, my inner turmoil is killing me!