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Help Choose First Bike

Discussion in 'Bike Reviews, Questions and Suggestions' started by marviin3, Mar 10, 2015.

  1. Hey,

    I am interested in starting to ride motorcycles. I have no previous experience in any form of motorcycles, although have lots of experience in bicycles :3:3.

    And I have had my eye on these bikes:
    • Kawasaki Z300
    • Yamaha MT-03
    • Kawasaki Ninja 300
    Which one of these is best for a new rider which is forgiving, but also has nice power because I would like to keep this bike for a while and not buy a new one in 1 year. So it has to have some good power.

    Thanks :)

  2. Sorry wrong section >:O
  3. As I have a Yamaha, I vote the Yamaha, that's how these things work right....

    They'll all be fine just get the prettiest one.
  4. A lot of people say that the MT-03 is very jerky due to the ride-by-wire or something along that, is it really that bad?
  5. Of the three, the KTM Duke 390.

    [EDIT] Oh, wait... [/EDIT]
  6. You should test ride it to see if it bothers you.
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  7. The problem is I've never ridden a motorcycle before, and if I for a test ride and drop it.... what happens?
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  8. Wait why are you looking at new bikes then, you know that can happen after the test ride as well.

    Buy a nice used vtr250 for 3k
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  9. Is that the better choice or just fork out another say 2k and get a new 250-300cc?
  10. None of the bikes in your op are $5k I am pretty sure
  11. The MT-03 has basically been discontinued worldwide. Seems to be still on sale in Australia though. I don't think that's a problem but some might so may hurt resale down the road.
  12. Not necessarily a rarer bike is sometimes good for resale. Buell for example are dearer than the same year model Honda sportsbike.

    Competing against lots of others when it comes to sell is what kills resale.

    They'll keep spares for ten years so isn't a problem.

    I wouldn't be basing any of my decision on that factor.

    Edit except for getting the dealer to give it me cheaper.
  13. Welcome mate. Look I'd get my L's first and you do that on their bikes. That gives you the ability to stay somewhat upright. Then go test ride bikes- if you have the $ then get a new one by all means, chances are you mY drop it at some point - usually while stationary or v slow speed. So a cheaper used bike is a very good option. Either very cheap with intent to sell as soon as you become more accomplished, or just a $k or so off new but with intent to keep a bit longer.
    You'll have to ride all of the bikes you're interested in to see which you prefer. You can't do it just by looking at numbers online.
  14. Welcome :)

    Get your L's first and sit on/test ride if you are confident enough as many bikes as you can even the ones that weren't on your list. I had my mind set on the ninja 300 and ended up with z300 which wasn't even on my radar at the time.

    As for new vs 2nd ..it's all down to personal preference and what your budget allows.
  15. Do dealers let you test drive on your l's? And another question what sort of bike do they put you when you take pre-learner course?
  16. Not sure .. my first bike , i pretty much went off paper i.e no test ride or anything and boy did i learn the hard way (short girl problems !) .
    As for learners , i did mine at HART 2 day learners & licence course.. went with the cb125 mainly due to my height and the others in my group had either scooters or cb250.
  17. Well once I do come to purchasing my first bike ill surely sit on it :p just to get the feel of the position.
  18. Some companies do, I got a very brief ride but some don't. Just give it a try.
  19. There's also the CB400, GS500 and ER6.

    My suggestion would be get your L's done then go sit on and test ride as many bikes as you can. Buy the one you like the most. DO NOT dismiss buying second hand. In fact I strongly suggest the learners buy a cheap 2nd hand bike first. There's a better than even chance the bike will fall over. Note I said fall over not crash.
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